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DIY colorbond gates

You know I have been renovating like crazy for the past 12 months. This is the second house I’m doing – the one I am living in. I have just finished an Airbnb house. And yes, I’m exhausted and had enough. Ha! Who thought two houses would be a good idea!?

Anyway, this entire house has been painted. Every single surface…. roof, concrete, bricks, fences… you name it. These side gates were TIRED and ugly. But I didn’t have the budget for new gates. So, an alternative was thought of.

Make some panels using colorbond (didn’t matter what colour – just what was in stock), then attached them to the old gates.

Check them out…

A couple of sheets of colorbond, screwed today, with some capping around the edges.

Then attach to the old gates with screws straight in to the rails of the old gates.

I got out the trusty spray gun and painted them jet black (to match the fences and shed).

Then done. So easy and was all completed in half a day. Now I have more privacy and they are taller.

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