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How to paint your fences

I’m doing a quick reno on a house and the fences and a shed was in dire need of some lovin’. They are in good condition but were a mix of colours. So I decided to spray paint them.

There was a lot of raised garden beds, logs and a random structure, which all got cleared. I cleaned all the fences with a high pressure hose too.

The easiest way to paint fences? With a spray gun! More on that below…

What I used:

  • I did 3 fences (quite long) and a shed
  • 35L of paint (Dulux Weathershield Maxiflex in pre-tinted Black) which cost about $700 in total
  • I bought the spray gun (I have heaps more jobs to do, so it’s worth it!). It’s from Go Industrial and is called the Magnum ProX17.
  • It took about 2 hours paint time in total. There was some set-up and clean up time. I would recommend you don’t start painting with the spray gun unless you intend on finishing the whole job in the day, because of the clean up required to keep the gun in good working order. 

Such a simple change! More coming soon on my reno. See all the updates via my Instagram stories or highlights.

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