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Cleaning up outdoors this Summer with the Bosch DIY AQT Pressure Washer Range

I have a weatherboard house and it gets very cobwebby and dusty. I am a gun at using a pressure washer and wouldn’t be without one. They are the magic cleaners for anything outside! Actually, I have to fight my 14 year old son for it because he thinks he is the boss of anything pressure-washing!

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a Bosch DIY AQT Pressure Washer to review (it’s the AQT 37-13+) and this is has become my new favourite household item. Out with the old and in with the new!



The back verandah and windows needed a good spray down. I took off all the screens, put my headphones in and got to work hosing everything in sight. Windows, couches, rugs, and screens…



Ewww look at the muck coming off!


It’s so easy and convenient. It’s a sturdy little fella which moves around effortlessly. There are a few attachments too – so whether you’re just spraying, or you need something more heavy duty, you can snap in a brush, or put on a patio tool.

It’s also got a 3-in-1 nozzle so you can be direct, or less direct with the spray depending on what you’re doing.

The car also gets a good clean because it’s so easy to use. It’s got an an auto-stop function to ensure energy efficiency so we don’t waste water moving around the house from job to job.


When we’re done the pressure washer has an easy-fold handle for simple mobility and space-saving storage so it’s not taking up space in our garage or laying sprawled out all over the place.


I really want to give YOU one of these to have for yourself! How cool is that!?

Tell me about an outdoor cleaning job you HATE and you will be in the running to win your very own Bosch AQT 37-13+ Pressure Washer!

Giveaways are in accordance with my disclosure policy. Entries closed. Winner announced in comments below.


  • Jessica Burgess

    My most hated job is keeping the outdoor furniture clean!! My table has a black glass top that always needs to be wiped down & the cushions on the chairs & the lounge are black so you can see the dust constantly building up. The dust also builds up on the wicker frames of the chairs/table, which I find really hard to keep clean. We also have neighbourhood cats that like to chill on the cushions & leave their malting hair!!! Hubby is allergic to cats!! So yeah!!!

  • lauren

    Silly me signed on to be owner builder which means we are painting the whole of our house including the beautiful double hung windows..Everyday i turn up we are back to square one, the boards and windows covered in a thick layer of red gravel and dust. Please help make life easy and grant me my wish of getting my hands on the bosch pressure washer to wash my worries away! Hubby also loves to have beautiful clean cars….its always been done the long tedious way which is less time to hang out with his family .. so a happy wife = a happy life….right? Im well and ready to wash that red gravel away! #bosch #no.1 #makeslifeeasy #ihavesomanyusesforyou #thankskatrina

  • Angela M

    I hate cleaning the fly screens! Every time I take them out to clean them, I always manage to damage them. And my husband is not very happy about it! 😉

  • Sarah F

    I absolutely hate cleaning up our back verandah. We have a golden Labrador who loses so, so much fur. Luckily she makes up for her mess with lots of love but far out, sweeping that fur up is a never-ending job!

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