Why I changed back to an iPhone

Those of you who follow me lots will know I recently changed back to an iPhone 6 from the Samsung S4… I know I am eating my words here because I was singing the praises of the Samsung at the time, but as it turned out, it just wasn’t cutting it for me… The Samsung was definitely clever and did some tricky stuff, but now that the iPhone 6 has a lot of the same new tricks, I moved back.


Here’s why:

  • Group messages – hallelujah! Missed the group iMessage!
  • iTube – missed the music which everyone in my family can share (and it’s free!). Generally, iTunes is better than Google Play Music. So much easier to download. Plus iTunes actually has a proper and more up-to-date Top 100. The Google Play always seemed a week or two old!
  • Square camera setting (not in Instagram, just the square setting in the normal camera). The new iPhone 6 camera has improved immensely too. Plus you can access the camera much faster on the iPhone (from the bottom).
  • Emoticons! This was a big one. Samsung had emoticons, but when they were converted on the iPhone they just weren’t the same πŸ™ My kids told me the emoticons on the Samsung looked like I was living in the early 2000’s haha.
  • White background on the texting (yes I could download a 3rd party text app on Samsung, but you couldn’t get rid of the factory approved texting system so my messages would be there twice!). The Samsung has a black background and I hated it. I did love the swipe texting on Samsung, but you can now download that keyboard to the iPhone so that makes me even more happy. Also, what about the cool new feature when texting you can pull the message down from the top and answer quickly from the iPhone. That’s tops.
  • The iPhone photography apps were always the best, especially now that I get to use Chantelle’s Little Moments! I could never find the equivalent apps for the Samsung. They had different names and were painful to use.
  • Also loving the Touch ID security access. Makes it so quick to get in to your phone. Samsung did have this feature, but it wasn’t as easy.


Have you switched either way? What’s your preference?

PS. I got the iPhone 6 (not the + as that was way too big for me).



  • Michelle Maree Hayward

    My kids have the six and im thinking about doing the same from S4

  • Suzie Lenord

    I haven’t had a Samsung, but I’ve just gone from the 4s to a 6 and I absolutely love it. There are 5 iPhones in our family and we love having it all the same. I don’t think any of us will change. Welcome back πŸ™‚

  • Carissa Campbell

    I got the samsung s5 almost 2 months ago now after always having an iPhone. I loved it at first but I ended up hating it after a month. I sold it and went back to my iPhone 5 with a new battery and I’m happy again!

  • Perry Family-Bargara

    What is chantelles little moments ?

    • Nerida

      I’d love to know too!

      • Katrina (author)

        It’s a photography app called “Little Moments”


  • Jodi Annetts

    What’s the swipe keyboard app for iPhone… Prob the only thing I miss not having my Samsung but love my new 6+

  • minsmash

    Very interesting Katrina! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I chose it because I am a bit blind and the bigger screen and keyboard made it easier for me to use! Also, because I previously had the Samsung Galaxy S2 and so I was familiar with it. I have now got a new computer – an iMac – and have seen the Apple way! Next phone will be an iPhone but I will have to wait until the next time I am due to review my plan – a while off yet! πŸ™‚

  • Kate

    I went from an iPhone to a Nokia Lumia1020. Don’t regret it at all. I have an iPad and an iMac and we have a Mac Air and a MacBook Pro in this house long with two Windows PC’s. The Nokia is a Windows based phone and while it doesn’t have all the Apps available – for example ANZ banking et al, it does have an AMAZING camera and is wonderful to use. Has the swipe texting, equivalent if not better photo editing apps (bummed that I can’t use Chantal’s but if I really want to use apps like that I can take my pics and do it on the iPad!

    I love the screen size on the Lumia, I love that it doesn’t bend (!) and I love how easy it is to use and update and it even talks well to our other devices etc.

  • Kelly Page

    I’ve been thinking of going from my iPhone 5 to the latest Samsung. But reading this, now I’m not sure. I might stick with the iPhone’s as my kids are getting an iPad mini for Christmas and it would be easier to be able to share everything between them.

  • Katie Clews

    I had a HTC prior to my iPhone. at the time I loved it but once I made the switch to iPhone 5c, I would never go back to Android. I’m sure that the Samsung is a great phone but Apple all the way for our family, seeing as we also own ipads and my husband also has an iphone and we have a Mac…

  • Anita Lane

    I got the + for the blind factor and am loving it, just hate iPhone syncing, seems so hard or is it just me?

  • claireyhewitt01

    I have only had an iPhone, but as an addict to WordSwag, I don’t think I would like an android that prevented me from apps.

  • Casey Coleman

    I got my iPhone 6 plus nearly two weeks ago and I love it!! I’ve always been an iPhone gal

  • KL

    Went from iphone to Galaxy Note 3 only due to screen size. LOVE that but wish I had held out for iphone6+. The samsung switches itself off and reboots regularly and people report that speech is not at all clear. When I can I’ll be switching back for the bigger iphone.

  • Candy Jubb

    Same. I get annoyed with my iPhone, but then it makes everything so much easier. It talks to my Mac and iPad calendars, so hubs and I have no roster miss matches anymore. And well they’re just ten times faster than android.
    We have an android LG something or rather here, a spare phone, and nobody will use it. Too slow. And really the apps are not as good. Damn you apple! You keep bringing me back.

  • chrissie2700

    Group messages – this is a standard in the Galaxy Note 2 & 3 and SIII, SIV, and I think in the 5
    iTube – pfft not really into this so wont comment
    Square camera setting – err this is in all the galaxy phones, esp the above mentioned, standard
    Samsung – umm i have lotsa emoticons, some quite funny ones, not sure what you mean here, o and more than the plain yellow smileys, samsung have their own set of apps for this
    White background – I am dyslexic and the black background is better, there is a choice in the Standard settings of 3 different backgrounds, but then it is all about choice there
    The iPhone photography apps – the new samsung aps are easy to find and suggestions will be made, your choice again and I have had iphone users ask about the ones I use enviously
    Also loving the Touch ID security access – again a matter of choice

    I am obviously a Galaxy user, I have a note 2 and my hubby has a note 3 and they easy to use. having said that they are a totally different operating system (even if they are used for the same effects). I have generally found tho that iphone users dont transfer easily across to samsung, as in using and utilising the apps.

    please be aware that most (if not all) info stored on an iphone will not transfer across to samsung (or any android) and so really once you are apple thats it…..your stuck there unless you really want all the work of loading your contacts again. on the flip side if you wish to go iphone from android then apple will happily transfer most of your important info.

    I recommend for Samsung users that you load the operating system of Nova. this makes extra settings for you phone.

    next apple or android dont forget to load an antivirus / firewall onto your fone, it could save a lot of heartache. you are NOT protected because your phone is a phone, remember you are loading a lot of data onto your fone, it is a mini computer.

    great work Katrina, regards chrissie

    • Katrina (author)

      It was easy to get everything from iphone over to samsung and vice versa XX

      • chrissie2700

        thats good cos it never used to be. glad you’re happy with your new phone

  • Jennifer Smith

    After working in telco I have never owned an iphone. I have had samsung for my last few phones and love them. I do agree with some thingd you have said eg the little moments app and the music. I think it always comes down to what you want your phone to do. You can change the bacground of the texting on samsung without an app … I have a cloud patterned background. I definitely love the larger screens on samsung and always struggle when I pick up a friends iphone. It is crazy to think how much we use phones and how far they have come overtime!

  • Helena

    welcome back πŸ™‚

  • My Encore Store - designer recycle boutique

    I moved from an iphone to a samsung note 2 a couple of years ago – huge screen which means I don’t need to wear my glasses to read anything. I can also pretty much run my business on it if I am away, which I couldn’t do with the smaller iphone screen. Pretty happy with it.

  • Ema89B

    I am onto my second galaxy after swapping from iphone and I am about to upgrade to the new Galaxy S5 this week from my very loved note 2.
    I would never go back to any apple products. I have switched multiple friends and family members as well and they have all thanked me and gone on to upgrade with samsung.
    I had to set up my bosses new business phone a couple of week ago (iphone) and I though to myself maybe I could swap back but after half hour of setting the phones up and having a play I hated it! Itune made everything so difficult. I couldn’t hand it over quick enough. My boss has since said I should have listen to you and not the crowd. He is not a fan.

    At the end of the day everyone has different needs in a phone and obviously not 1 phone will suit everyone. I have heard great things about the new ones (putting aside the bending lol). Enjoy your new toy! I love the new phone feeling πŸ™‚

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