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Why I changed back to an iPhone

Those of you who follow me lots will know I recently changed back to an iPhone 6 from the Samsung S4… I know I am eating my words here because I was singing the praises of the Samsung at the time, but as it turned out, it just wasn’t cutting it for me… The Samsung was definitely clever and did some tricky stuff, but now that the iPhone 6 has a lot of the same new tricks, I moved back.


Here’s why:

  • Group messages – hallelujah! Missed the group iMessage!
  • iTube – missed the music which everyone in my family can share (and it’s free!). Generally, iTunes is better than Google Play Music. So much easier to download. Plus iTunes actually has a proper and more up-to-date Top 100. The Google Play always seemed a week or two old!
  • Square camera setting (not in Instagram, just the square setting in the normal camera). The new iPhone 6 camera has improved immensely too. Plus you can access the camera much faster on the iPhone (from the bottom).
  • Emoticons! This was a big one. Samsung had emoticons, but when they were converted on the iPhone they just weren’t the same 🙁 My kids told me the emoticons on the Samsung looked like I was living in the early 2000’s haha.
  • White background on the texting (yes I could download a 3rd party text app on Samsung, but you couldn’t get rid of the factory approved texting system so my messages would be there twice!). The Samsung has a black background and I hated it. I did love the swipe texting on Samsung, but you can now download that keyboard to the iPhone so that makes me even more happy. Also, what about the cool new feature when texting you can pull the message down from the top and answer quickly from the iPhone. That’s tops.
  • The iPhone photography apps were always the best, especially now that I get to use Chantelle’s Little Moments! I could never find the equivalent apps for the Samsung. They had different names and were painful to use.
  • Also loving the Touch ID security access. Makes it so quick to get in to your phone. Samsung did have this feature, but it wasn’t as easy.


Have you switched either way? What’s your preference?

PS. I got the iPhone 6 (not the + as that was way too big for me).



  • nedwal

    I was thinking of swapping from iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy but I love that I can send iMessages to my kids (and vice versa) which is especially handy now that they are that little bit older and are able to be left at home for short periods of time. Time for me to upgrade!

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