Cascada: Sustainable & Ethical Textiles

Cascada Eco Textiles is a boutique label that specialises in sustainable soft furnishings from South America. Only ever sourcing 100% natural South American fibres, such as Cashllama (100% llama that is so soft and fine, it feels like Cashmere), organic cotton, natural silk and Baby Alpaca, Cascada hopes to educate Australian consumers about high-end shopping with a conscience.

They are very proud of their range of luxury products, all of which have gone through sustainable and eco-friendly processes. From the farmers, to the Bolivian and Peruvian artisans, right to the homes of discerning consumers, our focus is always on sustainability and Fair Trade.

This makes Cascada unique in the current luxury market.

Cascada offers alternatives to common luxury wares which are often made in China, where the regulations on toxic processing are not adequately regulated.

This is the key slogan for their products is: ‘TOMORROW’S CASHMERE’

Cashllama and Baby Alpaca are two of the softest and finest natural textiles. They are incredibly strong and resistant to pilling because the fibres are hollow, giving them flexibility.
The hollow fibre also allows the textile to breathe, while trapping heat in the winter and sustaining wonderful warmth.

Cashllama can even be machine washed and dried (on low, cool settings of course) with no shrinking. It is almost unheard-of for a natural textile.

A stunning example of the beauty of Cashllama is our Isabella Cross Stitched blanket seen below…

Made of 100% Cashllama, the Isabella blanket will keep you warm during chilly nights, but is light enough to keep on the bed right up until summer.
The blanket is available in the following colours: Creamed Pearl, Mocha, Slate Blue, Stone Grey, and Cream with Mocha panels.

Pop over to the website to see more.

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