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Buy cushions in sets!

You know when you’re hunting and hunting for cushions, but are never sure if they match or go together?? I’ve had a bit of a thing for the linen-look and black combo. So last week I was introduced to Simply Cushions. They create sets for you ready to go! Check out what I grabbed for my big boys’ bedroom (and maybe I’ll switch them to the couch too)…




Simply Cushions is an an Australian store that specialises in premium cotton linen cushion covers. They have an enormous range with over 300 different styles all available with or without cushion inserts. You can search their entire range by colour or style which makes it easy to browse without getting overwhelmed. I just ticked Collections, Set of 4 and scrolled around. I decided on the Cora Collection.

Where they really excel is in their collections. They offer sets of 4 and 6 which have all been handpicked to compliment each other. This takes the stress and time out of selecting your own collection from individual cushions. Instead you can simply browse through their collections with your room’s colour palette in mind to find something that suits. They also offer free shipping for all purchases over $80.

Now they all look great together and there was no hassle in me trying to sort out what works well in a group.

Simply Cushions have launched a New Zealand store for their customers across the ditch. Be sure to check them out if you’re in NZ!

Check them out! Happy shopping. ♥ KC.


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