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Bathroom Reno Number 1. Done!

If you’ve been following along at my Instagram you would have seen this final reveal of the bathroom reno I’ve been working on. It’s been a long slog, but so worth it. When I bought this little flip house the shower had been leaking and it was gross and not usable at all (I have another tiny ensuite!). The first part of this renovation was to do the bathroom, laundry and toilet. I have completed all three rooms (more coming soon on the laundry and toilet) and I’m so happy.

I did a lot of the work myself. Well what I could! Of course I had a proper plumber and electrician come in. I also paid for the floor tiling to be done. I had a carpenter mate also help with the structural stuff. But a lot I did myself.

I did all the demolition, tiled the walls, fit off the vanity, corniced, patched plaster, wet-sealed, caulked… and lots more!

And all was done within a budget.

Check out the photos (there’s lots more info in my highlights under Bathroom #1 on instagram)…

I’ve been busy writing a renovation ecourse too. That will help and guide YOU with your own renos. It’s called RENO RULES (mini courses coming soon). It’s got plenty of budget stuff in there too.

I’ve also just started another bathroom in another house. It’s a treat! It’s also had a full kitchen (stripped bare, a door filled in, rebuilding the walls…) that I will share with you soon. It was all DIY and was on a budget of $14K. Follow my instagram for updates on that.

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