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Bathroom reno No. 2

Another bathroom reno done! This one was finished at the end of January.

It wasn’t smooth sailing but I’m happy with how it turned out.

There was asbestos so it was a full strip, clean and re-do just about everything. It cost a little more, but it actually wasn’t too bad. It was under $8k for the whole space to be transformed.

After the demo and clean up all got taken care of, it was time to straighten some frames. My chippy friend did this. Then all the walls were re-sheeted, weatsealed and I added the external VJ wall panels to 3 walls (in place of tiles).

The tiler did the floor and the back wall.

Then came all the fit off, patching up, painting and putting it all together.

I’ve decided that it’s just much easier for every trade (and myself) to strip a bathroom like this entirely. It’s better to start from scratch. It’s more time efficient and new villaboard is so much cheaper than mucking around with old walls (asbestos) and the tiler will love you for it!

Here’s the other bathroom I did (it’s kind of similar) a few months ago.

Make sure you’re following along on my Instagram. I have a kitchen I’m doing. I’m trying to get that done for under $8k. We’ll see!

If you need a hand with your own reno, let me help you. See here!

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