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9 New Top Shopping Picks!


1. One Direction Infinity Necklace | 2. Bag | 3. Pencils | 4. Rug | 5. Cushion | 6. Coat Rack | 7. Tape Dispenser | 8. Deer head | 9. Sandals

Hello! Welcome back to my Top Shopping Picks for this week. Neon is still everywhere I look. Oh, and check out that One Direction pendant “Directioner”. Not that I would need it, but I thought it was so cool for a serious fan! However, that old metal tape dispenser is calling my name.

Have a great day! X

Under 100 Dollars

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  • Chris R

    Once again you have given me a whole lot of new shopping sites to explore, thanks Katrina.
    BTW I love the sandals and the tape dispenser.

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