House update: the plaster has been hung photos

Morning! Just  quick post today… the plaster has been hung!


Here is the entrance. Glass to go in the sides of the door.


Kitchen/family/dining. The hole in the ceiling is where that wall will be to house the fireplace (which will go in one day when my bank account is full again haha!) and tv.


Double sliding doors into my office off the living room.


The back verandah ceiling has been done.


Another photo of the back.


The front. The cladding is all done. Watch the video below (it’s a 6 second VINE movie where I talk you through the front). I have 3 finials to go on the peaks yet 🙂

I hope they get lots more done there today! Kids go back to school today, so I’ve gotta run.

Thanks for stopping by… X


  • Tegan

    How exciting – love the updates can’t wait to watch it all come together

    • Katrina (author)


  • Jenny

    Loving the progress shots Katrina. 😉

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Jenny!

  • mel

    Wow it’s really hopping along now. Really enjoying all these updates and love the grey you chose.

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Mel!

  • Amanda

    All looking fab!! So excited for you that it’s taking shape so nicely. Enjoy your kiddie free day 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Amanda, I am getting very excited!

  • Deb

    Its looking good. It looks huge inside. How exciting.

    • Katrina (author)

      It’s actually not that big – very deceiving! X

  • KL

    Loving the progress Katrina. You are exactly where we’re at but as we are doing it all ourselves will be way ahead in a blink f the eye. Such a great stage; you can finally ‘see’ rooms and spaces! My 10 yo son back to school this week….normally I regret the end of the hols but not this time. He’s ready for his mates again!
    x KL

  • Paula

    We are currently building as well – we also have a study with double doors off the living room! I didn’t want it all the way up the other end of the house, nice and close to everything.
    Can’t wait till our plaster gets hung 🙂

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