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9 bathroom vignettes

I feel like I need a good bathroom spruce up around here. I have 3 boys and I am trying to think of ways to keep the bathroom looking good (and less messy!). We go through towels here like we do a loaf of bread. So usually I give the boys the ‘old’ towels and I save the good ones. What am I saving them for though?? My Mum buys me new towels all the time and usually they are tucked away because I don’t like using them haha… silly me! It’s time to break out those towels and let the kids use them…

I also love a good bathroom vignette. I do have space to do this in my main bathroom and usually I have something on display in there. I feel like changing mine around, so I went looking for some inspiration. If you need a new bathroom vignette idea then here are some photos you might love too…













It seems we are all going for the concrete/black/plant look. I love it! It all starts with a tray, a bottle of soap and a plant.

Here are some shopping ideas for you too…


01. / 02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09.

I’m off to buy that $3 concrete tray from Kmart and start pimping my bathroom.

Happy shopping. ♥ KC.


  • Alicia Boland

    I could have this in my own bathroom but in my 2 boys bathroom it would be lucky to see out the day !! And all the lovely pump soap would be used in one go to get rid of the dirt they’ve just finished digging in and that dirt is then left in sink ????my boys wouldn’t change it x

  • Lia Halsall

    Some beautiful variations Katrina. I love the more natural approach to products and accessories and these are definitely right up my alley. Thank you for posting.

  • N

    Thanks for posting you have given me some good ideas. Weekend mini project sorted.


    Hi Katrina, thanks for including my ensuite vignette, such a lovely surprise 🙂 Love all the photos in your round up, Gina x

  • sel

    all these vignettes look so calming and relaxing: the products all have ‘I take care’ attitude and work well with the beautiful images of the bathrooms. I like it 🙂

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