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5 Tiling Mistakes to Avoid When Doing a Reno

Tiles can cause headaches in a reno. Not having enough or choosing too many feature tiles which throws off the look of a space, are just some of the problems that crop up when renovating a bathroom. If you’re about to embark on a new reno, here are 5 tiling mistakes to avoid.


1. Not sticking to an overall theme

It’s important to stick to an overall theme for the space you’re about to renovate. What style are you trying to evoke? This will guide you with your tiling decisions. Themes are important when choosing tiles because they are the main visual grounder in a space. Once the tiles are laid down, you can’t change the look of the space with fixtures alone. So choose wisely.


2. Not buying enough

The golden rule when ordering tiles is buying 15% more than what you need. Even if you don’t use all the tiles for your reno, they can be stored and used to replace tiles in the future. Tiling involves cutting, breakages and waste, so ordering more than 15% will cover these nuisances.

Over-ordering more tiles is a better problem to have, than not ordering enough. And heaven forbid you can’t order any more of your tiles if what you’ve ordered was the last of the stock. Check with your supplier if more tiles can be ordered, before you set your heart on that particular tile.


3. Too many feature tiles

Rule of thumb is to have one feature tile. If you do choose two, the second feature MUST be a smaller accent or used in the shower and bath niches. Even then, be selective of what you choose. You don’t want your space to look like a patchwork quilt.

Too many features tiles in a small space will not only fight for your attention, but make it look crammed and small, which is not ideal.

Here are some ways to balance a feature tile:

  • Opt for a feature tile on the floor and a block/basic tile on the wall.
  • Vice versa – have one wall with the feature tile and the rest of the space with a basic neutral on the floor and other walls
  • Streamline your feature tile to niches or splash backs only.


4. Underestimating tile size

If your bathroom has corners or narrow areas, that big tile may not work. While the tiles can be cut to suit, it may look odd with large tiles in the vast space, and then odd sized tiles to fit in the niches and cavities. Look at the overall space of your bathroom and get recommendations from your tiler or tile supplier on what you need to consider with your chosen tile. They may be able to offer an alternate solution to save a design headache, while still providing the right aesthetic for your space.


5. Not considering ongoing maintenance and cleaning

It’s important to consider how difficult it will be to keep the tiled floors and walls clean. More grout lines = more areas prone to mould and mildew.

Grout is porous so it will trap bacteria and mould. It requires regular cleaning to prevent it darkening from mould growth.

If you require less maintenance with your tiled areas, choose tiles which require minimal grout lines. Mosaic or mini subway tiles may not be the best choice for you, but a large square tile may be ideal.

To get the best of both worlds, keep smaller tiles for niche areas and larger tiles for bigger surface areas.

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