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Bathroom reno checklist

If you get obsessed with looking at bathrooms like I do, then it’s easy to want all the impractical things! They say bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so you can see why a lot of dollars can be spent making these the best possible.

But what about their practicality? We can’t forget that! A well-planned bathroom can not only make you money but save you money in the long run if you get it right the first time round.

I visited a whole bunch of display homes a few weeks ago and I was really annoyed at how many of them just didn’t think about the practicality of the bathrooms through. Ensuites were the size of a living room and the main bathroom was tiny. I think that’s just backward!

If you’re building a new home or renovating an old bathroom here are some tips to keep you on track.

Who is using the space?

Seems obvious, but like I mentioned above, the difference between an ensuite and main bathroom should be obvious. The ensuite is for 2 people, the master would be for a family or guests.

Vanity and sinks

Do you really need double sinks and a bath in the ensuite? If you have the budget, go for it! But the most practical way to spend your money would be to leave the double sinks and bath to the main and treat the ensuite on a smaller scale.

Bath and shower

There are so many options and combinations. This will always depend on the space available and how much cleaning you’re prepared to do! Freestanding bath, or tiled? What about glass shower screens, or tiled walls? I would always recommend a bath in the master bathroom in some sort of combination for resale. You can even put the shower over the bath in a clever way.


You will need to plan out where these will go before you start building/renovating. Where will you hang your towels – be mindful to leave space for them taking in to account a window or a shower screen. Also think about the bath spout and its position. Will you hit your back on it when laying in the bath? Can you install a swivel style? Then also think about the colour/finish you want on your bathroom hardware. Will you choose chrome, black, brass? Do some research on how you will clean each style and what the pros/cons would be.


You can never have too many drawers or cupboards in a vanity. You need places for towels, hairdryers, toothbrushes etc. If you’re not a hoarder, you’ll be able to fit a sleek floating vanity in to your bathroom. But if you have lots of products you may need to consider a vanity which extends to the floor for the additional storage.

Power points

Make sure you have enough power outlets for a hair dryer, shaver, electric toothbrush. Some bathrooms will have these installed inside a vanity drawer, so you can keep everything out of sight and more streamline.


A good combo of overhead and task lighting will work best. Something close to a mirror and then overhead lighting is important. Hanging fancy pendants are not necessary although they look good. Just be aware of any council restrictions on doing this when it’s close to water or near the bath.


Always consider a window and a good extraction fan. If bathrooms feel wet all-day long chances are you’ll end up with a mould problem and no one wants that!


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  • Clara

    Well I couldn’t agree more about the ventilation my mother was renovating her bathroom recently and forgot about it 🙁

  • Danielle

    Hi there, i absolutely LOVE that feature patterned tile splashback. Its so amazing!!! Are you able to tell me where that photo is or where the tiles are from??

  • Louise

    That feature grey tile wall in the shower is gorgeous. I love it! Are you able to give me the details of where I can get them?
    Thanks so much

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