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10 weatherboard house colours

Are you looking for a weatherboard paint colour? I get asked often about my own house (further down) and so I went searching for other options to show you today. Of course these colours don’t have to be limited to weatherboard, they’d look good on render or brick. You might be after a grey, a green, a brown… below are 10 weatherboard house colour which may suit your style.

Check them out…

This gorgeous light and bright beach house is painted in Dulux Grey Pebble with a Colorbond roof in Windspray.

If you’re after a creamier/browner tone then this home above is painted in Dulux Oyster Linen for the weatherboards and Aspen Snow for the trims.

This large home looks stunning sitting in nature. The boards are painted in Dulux Milton moon. I think the Colorbond roof is Windspray (I can’t confirm that, but I am just guessing?).

You might have seen this home before on social media. It’s had a massive reno (not technically weatherboard, but still an idea for you!). The main colour is Taubmans Gibraltar Grey.

A nice traditional white and grey mix here. The weatherboards are painted in Dulux Tranquil Retreat and the pathway is painted in Ironstone (Colorbond colour).

Here is a home with traditional federation features. The boards are painted in Dulux Hog Bristle and the trims are in Dulux Whisper White.

This beach shack is beautiful! The green tones suit its natural environment. I’m in love. It’s painted in Dulux White box with the planter box behind the chair in Dulux Happy Days (great contrast colour).

Oooo I love this home above – what a crisp looking weatherboard. The boards are Dulux Mt Hikurangi and the trims are Dulux St Clair Half with a Surfmist Colorbond roof.

If you’re after a darker look then this home makes it work. The weatherboard exterior is Dulux Mt Eden, window trims Vivid White, and Shale Grey for the fascia.


And finally, this is my own house. When the sun is on it (like in the photo above, which was taken ages ago because those hedges are now much bigger) the paint looks whiter and brighter, but when the sun isn’t as fierce it’s a lovely grey tone. I wrote more about my house here.


I love the grey/white tones. They are my favourite. Although I am being drawn to that green beach house too! If you’re after a WHITE interior house colour, then I wrote a big post with ideas over here too.

♥ KC.


  • Kim

    Hi Katrina, Hoping you maybe able to suggest a blue hue for our Scyon weatherboards. We picked taubmans mojo but it is a charcoal colour. Why do paint companies photo shop their brochures! Thank you and regs Kim

    • Phil

      HI Katrina, we have installed new scyon linea boards which we are painting natural white. We are having a new colorbond roof in Surfmist. My question is what colour do we do the facia, gutters and downpipes ?

  • Amanda

    I love your colour knowledge. I’m struggling to find a grey that will match our red/brown/ grey bricks.suggestions?

  • Shevaun

    May I ask who built your home?? I love it, and the colours esp that pretty pink front door!

    • Katrina (author)

      A local builder in Wagga did it. I drew the plans and chose everything. xx

    • Marie

      H Katrina,
      I absolutely love the colours of your house. I’m currently in the process of building a single story home near the beach. Unfortunately the council would not allow me to have a house that is too light. The original colours that I selected was Shale Grey roof and cladding with Surfmist garage door, trims, and posts. I was allowed to have a shale grey roof, garage door and trim in Surfmist, but was forced to choose a darker grey for the weatherboard. Unfortunately I was given misleading information on a Taubmans colour called Inverness, and as a result I now have a grey, with purple undertones on the cladding. I don’t know how this happened, as Taubmans confirmed there was no purple in this colour. I’m completely heart broken, and I think the big blue 2 storey house on the north west side maybe influencing my colours. I’m going to have to repaint the house myself after handover. I can change the colour to whatever I want after I get my OC for the house, and was wondering if you could please recommend a colour that will compliment my shale grey roof and garage door. The house is single storey, and is entirely weath board. I would appreciate any advice you may.

  • Clare

    Hi Katrina, Thankyou. I really enjoyed reading “10 weatherboardhouse colurs”. Great information, I think you may have set me on the right track .

  • heather

    You seem to have a wealth of knowledge! Do you think a clourbond roof in woodland grey would go with Dulux Oyster Linen for the weatherboards and Aspen Snow for the trims? I’m struggloing to find a colour scheme to go with our roof

    • Margaret Megarry


      We have painted our BnB house in these exact colors. They do work..

      Please look up The Heart of Emerald Bed and Breakfast (Victoria). We have recently sold the property and it is no longer running as a business

  • Trish Broughton

    Hi Katrina
    Love your inspirational pics. We are about to paint the render on our home. Milton Moon.
    We are keeping the portico pillars in Monument. We have black window frames.
    What are your ideas please to paint the timber accents.
    Thank you

  • Samantha Auld

    Loving your page. I’m kinda stuck because I love the colour of your house mainly because it’s light and bright to me. My husband’s shed though will have a woodland grey roof and shale grey exterior. Worried the roofs are going to look so different it will look stupid. Also, inside I want simple colours whites and grey but I’m having a black tapware and cupboard handles. I was thinking white cupboards and black island bottom with white and a line of blacks running through it. Stone for that but laminate for bathrooms. I have no eye for design but definitely want it to come off as it’s our forever home. I’m using dulux and colourbond. Any advice?

  • axel

    hello…love the various colour schemes…i am wondering however what your thoughts (colour wise) on
    Bull-nosed weatherboards would be. When i look at these sharp contrasting colours they all look great especially on the bevelled edge boards, but bull-nosed boards i am worried, will not give that same sharp look.
    i have a 2 story ‘Polar Bear’ white home. The windows all of which i made myself are solid Vic Ash timber and oiled only both inside and out (so a raw timber finish)…the roof is woodland grey as are the gutters and fascias…
    i used to think it looked great but now it needs a pint and i want too make it pop…just got reservations because of these bull-nosed boards…maybe i should just try on the front wall but not sure about those windows. If i paint them, there is no turning back

  • Kelly

    Hi Katrina, just have a question on the paint colours “Dulux Mt Hikurangi and the trims are Dulux St Clair”.
    I’m looking at the Dulux brochure and it has that exact picture in it, but the colours are listed as “Miller mood” and the trims are “Lexicon Half”. I’m wanting to paint the exterior of my house in these colours and now I’m confused which one is correct? Or do the names of pain change over time?

  • Michelle

    Hi Katrina, I have the same issue as Kelly. I went to the paint store to purchase the Dulux colours “ Mt Hikurangi” and “St Clair” as per your post above and was confronted with the same house image on the display board at the paint store with the paint colours “Miller Mood” and “Lexicon half” Needless to say I didn’t buy any paint as I too was confused. Are you able to confirm which colours the house is actually painted in.

    • Katrina (author)

      I linked to the image where I found the colours, so I’m not sure. You’d have to ask the Dulux page because it’s their image? x

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