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Why wood is good!

Brought to you by Planet Ark’s Make it Wood.

Wood is a prominent feature in our homes at the moment. You only have to flick through all the popular interior design mags or scroll through Pinterest to see it’s everywhere. Wood is beautiful, trendy and appealing. It can be used in so many forms and styles. It’s also easy to source and can make a great DIY project come to life!

Using wood from an Interior Design perspective

  • Can be striking in detail.
  • Used both in and out of the home.
  • Furniture pieces can vary and be adapted to suit your style.
  • Used on a large scale it can be a compelling statement.
  • Wood is not a fad or trend, it’s been used for generations.

Why wood is good

  • Responsibly sourced (i.e. certified) wood is the only large scale sustainable/renewable building material.
  • Wood helps tackle climate change – Approximately 50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon – Wood has low embodied energy (compared to other materials). So every time we sit down to dinner we’re using a table that stores 50% of carbon – so we’re a very small part of tackling climate change.
  • People love the look and feel of wood, more than other materials.
  • Research has shown that the use of natural elements like wood in the interior of a building produce similar effects to those created by spending time in outside in nature and can provide physiological and psychological benefits.
  • Wood and nature connected design can help to lower blood pressure and heart rates, reduce stress and anxiety, increase positive social interactions and improve corporate image.

Let’s take a look at some ideas of how you can use wood within your home…

I have fallen hard for this barn style door. The craftsmanship on this one has me drooling. I love how this door has become a feature that cannot be missed as you enter the space.

What about using wood outside to create a screen? The warmth and contrast here is stunning.

Scattered throughout an entire home brings the space together cohesively. Used on the walls, on the back of the kitchen island and then following through to the dining table. Beautiful!

A natural shelf brings in the warmth to this white kitchen.

I love this living area. The space is calming and inviting. The colours are soft and of course that coffee table is a big tick!

You can use wood to create your own wall art masterpiece. If you get your hands on some reclaimed slats you can create a modern statement like this one above.

Ethically source and reclaimed wood makes this sideboard stand out from the crowd. It’s soft and will never become outdated.

A timber dining table is probably something the majority of us own. Almost half of the dry weight of wood is carbon so every time we sit down to dinner we’re using a table that stores 50kg of carbon – so we’re a very small part of tackling climate change. I’m in the process of having a new table made at my house and can’t wait to get that natural feel in my home (and help the environment a little along the way!).

Cool wood ideas

  • Build a deck outside
  • Source your own piece for a timber table top or coffee table
  • Paint an old wood cupboard
  • Make a bath tray
  • Add a shelf to your kitchen

Everyone loves the look of wood. It’s the only sustainable/practical/renewable material and it’s the best way to bring the outdoors in. But wood also has such a great health element to it, making us feel more connected with the outdoors hence reducing our stress levels and anxiety. If you’d like to learn more about how wood can significantly lower the carbon footprint pop over to Planet Ark’s Make it Wood to read more (in conjunction with Planet Ark).


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  • Saurabh

    Thank you Katrina for this awesome post! Wood definitely helps give that elegant touch to our homes and offices and without wooden furniture, our interiors would look boring! Your point about Carbon / Ecofriendliness was something new to me, worth giving a thought to!

  • Meryl

    The details, thank you for it.
    Absolutely loved the idea of barn style door.

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