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Why I like to read a sponsored post


I’ve been thinking about this post for a while… but I wasn’t sure how it would come out, but here goes…

I like to read a sponsored post. I really do. There is a good reason why I like to read a sponsored post written by another blogger.

I know that from a blogger’s perspective a decision to write a sponsored post for a product or a service is not taken lightly. I know that a GOOD blogger will ummm and ahhh over whether it’s really worth writing that post.

So how do I know whether reading your sponsored post is worth my time? If you’re a good blogger it’s easy.

See, being a good blogger is what it’s all about. And let me give you some examples on what I think makes a good blogger (this is just my personal opinion!)…

Do I know who you are? Do I know your proper name? How long have you been around? Do I know roughly where you live, what you look like, how many kid do you have?

If the top girls like Woog, or Beth or Chantelle write a sponsored post then I am always going to read their sponsored post. This is because I know them (not personally know them, but online know them). Their blogs are a good mix of personal and professional…

Now this leads me to answer “well what has getting to know the blogger got to do with sponsored posts?” Well, if I know the blogger, then I know they’ve thought long and hard about whether the sponsored post will fit in with their lives in the real world. I know they won’t write about anything they don’t believe in. They are good bloggers. They are known for their personality. They are trustworthy. They won’t push a product or a service on to you unless they truly believe it’s of some benefit to their readers. If it’s not of some benefit they know it will only harm all their hard work. When they say yes to a sponsored post it’s because it actually means something.

So when I see “sponsored” at the top of a blog post from a good blogger (who I like), I always click over to read. I might need what they are offering and I trust what they say.

If you’re writing sponsored posts and you are worried about if anyone reads them, then don’t. Because if you’re a good blogger and you have a good following your online fans/friends will read them.

If you want to write sponsored posts, but are worried about how to do so, then you firstly need to make sure your blog is friendly and mixed with your personality. I need to get a feel for who you are before I read and want to believe what you’re saying. If I don’t know anything about you then I won’t believe in your sponsored post.

Anyway, that’s my latest little blog tip for you.

Work hard and be nice! Happy Monday. ♥ KC.



  • BabyMacBeth

    Thanks for the mention Katrina! I find sponsored posts exciting to do – so this is great to read that you enjoy them. Exciting because often a brand has asked to work with me, and it can be challenging and exciting to try and get them right. I take the task very seriously (for myself, my readers and of course for the product I have been asked to write about). Like any work I have done throughout my ever-changing careers, I always try and do the best I can – but with our blogs there is the responsibility and trust of our literally thousands of readers that come each and every day to consider as well, not to mention the fact that I am being paid good money to do so so want to do well….quite the balancing act! I still reckon it is an absolute pleasure and honour to be able to use a platform I have grown from NOTHING to readership that some magazines don’t even get all from my kitchen table, being able to be home with my family, to share information that I would tell you about if we were catching up in a park or playground anyway AND GET PAID FOR IT. How bloody good is that?! Something to be proud of – not ashamed of, or in turmoil about and still something I scratch my head about that others can’t just leave it be. Like I always say – it’s like an ad you can get up and make a cuppa while they are on and not tune in. Anyone, my 2 cents worth. Thanks for the support!

    • Jane from My Encore Store

      Katrina is right. I DO read the sponsored posts by those bloggers I have grown to “know” and trust (including you, Beth). I have purchased MANY a product as a result, and been happy with all of them.

  • Lorri Horsburgh

    I agree, I like sponsored posts because I like to see products in action. Sometimes I didn’t even know the item existed. 🙂

  • Claire Chadwick @ Mum's Closet

    This post is fantastic Katrina and I’m really glad you’ve sparked this conversation.
    I too enjoy reading sponsored posts on my fave blogs and try to get involved with them, as I know the creativity, decisions and risks that blogger took to write it. I’ve also bought or used things that a blogger as recommended so I do know that a good sponsored post – actually works!

    Your tip is great – and something I’m really pondering today. Finding ways to write a ‘professional / useful / resourceful’ blog whilst adding bits of me and my life is something I’m trying to achieve.

    Again, thank you for this post!
    C x

  • Ness

    I don’t mind sponsored posts mostly. However, it has to fit your brand, and so be of interest to your readers-it has to offer me something-new knowledge or a different perspective. There needs to be the right balance between sponsored and non sponsored-just like I’m not going to watch only ads on tv. I also hate when a few blogs at a time are all writing sponsored posts from the one company at the same time.

  • Ness

    By you, I mean a general you, not you personally Katrina! X

  • Mandy BarbieBieberBeyond

    I always read sponsored posts, just because the post is sponsored doesn’t mean that it has been written with any less love or feeling. Also if the sponsored post fits in with the content of the blog it shouldn’t make any difference whether the post is sponsored or not. I enjoy them just as much as the non sponsored variety 🙂

  • mrswoog

    Oh what a lovely, supportive intelligent post Katrina (and thanks for the mention!) I am lucky to have had a consistent growth on the blog, and when I do do a sponsored post, they have always been warmly received. I think that what you choose what NOT to blog about is just as important as the clients you do choose to work with. I knock back most work that is offered as I need to look after my readers first and foremost. I too, like reading sponsored posts, it is quite a challenge to get them right, and I see so many bloggers doing the right thing. xx

    • Katrina (author)

      I think you do great.

  • fatmumslim

    Hurrah! I know you more than online Katrina. I dig you. And I dig you for sparking this conversation. I don’t expect everyone to love sponsored stuff, but I love that you know and appreciate the work behind it. I love that.

    Thanks for looking at another side of it all. I love reading and supporting my fellow bloggers. I’ve stopped reading the people who whinge about the state of things online, because stop complaining and starting doing. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    Ah! Refreshing Katrina. xxxx

    • Katrina (author)

      I agree with you! The blogging game is getting better I think. My blog is 8 years old this month! WOWeeee. You and I came from back in the day when there was no such thing as a sponsored post. I think the changes are so exciting. Fancy still being about to write about whatever you love and get paid for it? Cool I reckon. X

  • Tessa : Down that Little Lane

    I love a good sponsored post.. I look at the subject and if it interests me I read on for sure!!.. If someone I like and trust is writing it why would I not?

  • Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    I have no issue reading sponsored posts as long as they fit in with the general tone of the person’s blog. I personally only agree to do sponsored posts for products or services that fit into where I’m at in my life and parenting journey, that way it fits into the tone of my blog. It also has to be something that I’m genuinely interested in or would buy myself in everyday life. I think if someone blogs about something totally left field of what they normally would then people are much less likely to believe them.

    I also think its great that you’re highlighting the amount of deliberation we have before we accept a sponsored post. There is a misconception out there (which I think is finally changing) that bloggers will write about anything in order to make money. I think if everyone understood how much consideration we put into a sponsored post before we write it and publish it then they’d be more likely to read instead of dismissing it because its sponsored.

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