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Who else is decluttering like crazy?

It’s not just me, I know it! Lots of you are decluttering like crazy too. It’s January so I usually have this mad cleaning frenzy, BUT the new ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo‘ on Netflix really set me off. Have you watched it yet? I blame her! 😉 She is the ‘tidying’ guru. I actually like how she calls it tidying. I also like how she has a gentle approach to it. When Marie Kondo gets to the end of each series with the families I love how the tidying of their home has well and truly changed their lives. Like seriously it’s life changing! I’ve always known how a good tidy makes me feel, but the joy on people’s faces, their new lease on life, their new found motivation always gets me excited.

It’s so hot here in Wagga. Like 1 million degrees, so we can’t enjoy the outdoors as much. So after days and days of laying around and having nana naps I thought it was time to get moving with some jobs inside the house…

My husband is also on holidays and he’s not feeling the love for all my cleaning haha! One of my kids said to him “Dad, please make Mum stop!” Ha! But I just can’t. I’ve got the bug.

I’ve got some busy times ahead with some work I am doing, plus my Mum will be coming to stay at my house for a week while my husband and I go to Vietnam, so I need to get my life in order!

I declutter for my brain. I can’t think straight when things are messy.

From day-to-day my house is tidy, but it builds up. I can easily shove things in cupboards and close the door.

But every now and then I feel like I need to pull it all out and toss stuff.

I’ve done a trip to the rubbish tip, filled the bins, donated stuff and bought a whole range of new tubs/containers. TIP – don’t buy tubs/containers before you start. Always buy them after. The best thing to do is complete the declutter of an area first, then write down what you need to keep it in order. It’s more satisfying going to the shops to only buy ONLY what you you need.

Here are some random photos from my clean up…

This is the smallest “sick box” I have ever had in my life. After a HUGE cull (and of course using more natural therapies) this is now what I have left for emergencies only. Containers from Kmart.

Everything now has a lid!

I sorted all of my jewellery into these little containers from Bunnings.

My bathroom drawers all have containers now.

Anyhoo… If you head to my Instagram and in the story highlights you will see a tab called declutter. That’s just a short video on what I got up to.

Here’s a list of 10 things I bet you can get rid of today.

We all have some of these random items laying around. What’s the worst that could happen if you got rid of it? I always ask myself this when I’m in a mood for tossing stuff. I don’t feel guilt, I think about how much lighter I will feel once the clutter is gone…

Shoes – if they’ve seen their day, don’t fit as well anymore or you haven’t worn them for a few seasons then it’s time to go. My boys accumulate lots of shoes, thongs, footy boots and school shoes. I grab a garage bag occasionally and have a big toss.

Old food – hidden in the back of the pantry I bet you have condiments, packets and tins that have seen their use-by dates.

Receipts/notes – do you save school notes, receipts, junk mail in a kitchen drawer? Yep, I do! Every now and then I have a good cull. It takes about 5 minutes tops.

Beauty products – half used creams I don’t even like, empty razor blades, hair ties, empty toothpaste, used deodorant cans… I find myself often editing the bathroom drawers!

Old clothes – the older I get the less adventurous I become with my clothes. I have my staples. My boys grow like weeds so the clothes thing in our house gets a good cull when the season start to change.

Pairs that are no longer – socks, earrings, shoes. I bet you have a few odd ones laying around.

Books – that you’ve read, or won’t read. That goes for magazines too.

Chargers/cords – ah yes, I have a basket full of these. Time to go! I don’t even know what half of them belong to anyway and they can’t be important if I haven’t used them for years.

Out of date medicines – do you have a box of medicines? Time to toss out of date pills and old scripts.

Old towels – treat yourself to a new set and ditch the old scratchy faded towels.

If you’ve got a spare hour I bet you can get most of this done today!

Last week I also cleaned my oven and removed mould from my washing machine.

Here’s a post I wrote on What NOT to do when decluttering.

Decluttering also removes negative energy from your home.

♥ KC.

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  • Renee

    Thank you for this blog post.
    I may be able to tackle my pantry without having a full anxiety attack, but just a mild one.
    I find myself feeling emotional when tidying & de cluttering. It’s me addressing all the feelings I push to the side.

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