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Where do you put power points in a new house?

On my facebook chat group last week, a friend of mine asked about power points in the new home she’s building. There was a lot of great advice over there, so I thought I’d put a blog post together to help if you’re also building (or renovating) a new house. If you think of some places power points should go then feel free to let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them in!

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  • Lamp position (console or floor)
  • Vacuum point

TV/living rooms

  • Think about the position of your tv (up high)
  • Any gaming devices like xBox or Foxtel boxes (can you hide them?)
  • Christmas Tree?


  • Back porch/deck
  • Up high for mounted tv
  • Several near the eaves for Christmas lights (with switch).
  • Exterior of garage (for washing/cleaning tiles or paths with a pressure washer).


  • Side of island bench
  • Back of splashback (if you can’t cut your splashback and don’t like that look then place them on the sides or even up under your wall mounted cabinets)
  • Charger area for phones
  • Dishwasher/fridge


  • Deep freezer? Or fridge?
  • Microwave/jug/toaster/juicer (so make sure you have lots in there if you have a walk-in-pantry)
  • Charging station for handheld vacuums


  • Washing machine/dryer
  • Iron
  • Extra to use as a charging base for any appliances


  • USB chargers
  • Power for modem, external hard drives to charge, printer, lamps
  • 2 doubles per computer (think about their position, can you have them under bench to hide all cords?)


  • Behind each side table ( 2 x doubles per room)
  • Behind a dresser area
  • TV position? Possibly up high if you’re mounting it
  • Vacuum point


  • In vanity drawer for hair dryer/straightener.
  • In medicine cabinet for electric toothbrush and razor
  • Heated towels rails?

Ok, that should cover most! Have you got any other ideas? I’d love to add to them to the list.

♥ KC.


  • Sandi Colyer

    Extra in Garage…for charging cordless drills and the like. If people are using under stairwell cupboards as broom type closet. Power point inside to charge handheld Vacuums can be useful.

  • Anita Lane

    Can’t have too many!!! Usb ones too!!

  • Melissa

    Put a bunch in your walk in pantry or kitchen cupboard (and add phone points) for phone, modem, stereo, phone charging, printer and more.

  • Mel

    Make sure the ones in the bathroom are high enough above the bench, ours are too low so appliances with big adapters (some shavers etc) don’t fit.
    We put a power point inside the broom cupboard to charge the stick vacuum.

  • Bianca Edmonds

    Placement is important too. E.g perhaps have them lower on your kitchen splash-back so that your appliances hide them.

  • Sheridan Anne

    The only other one we have done is in the media room, one on the roof for later on down the track when we get a projector.
    I’m having one in our WIR too because I’m throwing a vanity in there
    P.S. love your group!!!! It’s nice to get lots of opinions

  • Angela Rutherford

    Inside a large draw in the kitchen/living room so all your charging phones, iPads, laptops etc are hidden away.

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    I so wish the people who built our house read this. We have a serious shortage of powerpoints!!!

  • Kl

    In roof cavity near man hole for portable lighting. You wont use it often but when you do you’ll appreciate it!

  • Jo Williams

    I wish I had put mine lower so I could hide them with a plant or some type of decorator item when they werent in use

  • Megan Jackson

    If your kitchen is central in your home and has a walk-in pantry it was recommended to us to have our modem in there.

  • Sarah Gilbert Lennon

    I have power points in my kitchen with 2 USB outlets in them. They’re wonderful.

  • Kristy

    For power points in open areas…eg: floor charger points or vaccum points, you can concele them within your kickboards when not being used and then simply ‘flip down’ the section of kickboard when in use. That way it keeps the slim ,clean line look at all other times. Also a fan of power points hidden inside top bedside drawers and bathroom cupboards and mirror cabinets 🙂

  • Kellie Cavenett

    Good to plan ahead. We moved into our 2 storey house when it was only 12mths old, and three electricians have basically told us that to put extra powerpoints in is close to impossible in a 2 storey house after it’s built. Very annoying.

    • Pauline

      I’m about to do a second story extension and having a lot of trouble trying to work out the placements of all the PowerPoints and light switches.

  • Micheala Donohoe

    We also used usb Powerpoints in the bedrooms, lounge rooms and one in the kitchen. Great not having to worry about blocks!

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