We made it to New York!

We’re here! Yay! I’m bursting with excitement. So much to see and do.
The flight was great. We watched movies and ate the whole time. I dozed a little bit, but it was hard to sleep. As soon as we landed I couldn’t wait to get my camera out.
Look we’re on the wrong side of the road!
A little drive through Queens. Just like in the movies.
Rubbish everywhere just on the street! Even out the front of nice shops. No bins, skin bins or whatever…
People just sit in this tiered seating watching all the big billboards change advertisements.
We hit the ground running… Dumped our bags, had a shower and ran towards Times Square. We’re only 1 block away and I can see it all from my window.
Those who have been to New York will know how amazing Times Square is. The shops, the lights and the people! It’s only Tuesday night! My husband and I walked around and around taking it all in. We clung to each other for dear life!
My favourite shop was the 3-story M&M shop! Everyone was dancing and the staff were singing. So funny.
We decided to eat at Applebee’s. Husband had his first Budweiser and I learned not to ask for lemonade (because you just get lemon cordial!). We were nervous about the whole tipping thing and have been saving our dollar bills. But we’re getting the hang of it. The money is the hardest part to get used to! They’re all the same colour. Ha! American’s love Australians and we have been chatting to people in the shops already. They pick us a mile away. Well, I do have that bogan voice remember ;). When we checked in to our hotel the reception guy was laughing and laughing at “Wagga Wagga” and kept saying under his breath “oh my gawwwwd” hahaha!
So we’ve worn ourselves out today. It’s midnight and my husband just starting snoring next to me. I’m going to try and sleep but I want to get up really early to ring the kids. I miss them already.
Tomorrow I think we’ll do a bus tour and a broadway show. Can’t wait to wake up and get in to it again!
Excuse any spelling mistakes and funny sized photos, but I’m on the iPad and I’m lazy and I’m in AMERICA!
Don’t forget I’m Instagramming everything! See you tomorrow.


  • B is building a house

    Loved every bit of your post! Keep them coming and enjoy the rest of your trip!!!


  • Chris R

    LOVE the pics, love your excitement .. enjoy, and get some sleep so you can go go go all day tomorrow 🙂

  • Cathy

    Sitting here at school pick up (so not exciting) and almost in tears reading your post! Love how excited you are. Like kids in a candy store as the Americans would say 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!!

  • Sarah B

    It’s so exciting Katrina. Between you and A-M I feel almost as if I were there. One day I hope 🙂
    Have a fab time and I look forward to the pics!

  • Emily

    So jealous 🙂 Sounds amazing already. Have an awesome time!

  • Elements

    So exciting, I feel like I am there too. I wish I could wiggle my nose and Sabrina myself there….Look out Husband I may ask to swap the Margaret River holiday for NYC….xx

  • Karen@RestyledVintage

    All the pics are fine, and no spelling mistakes either! Can’t wait to hear all about tomorrow’s adventures!

    xx Karen

    • Emily Woodhouse

      Yeah, the photos are really amazing. Wanna see more like these.

  • A-M

    Hey! You’re here. I’m only a block from Times Square too! We’re neighbours! I’m suffering my first bout of insomnia out here in Southampton blogging like there is no tomorrow at 2 am! …. And starving!!!! I need a 3 course meal pronto but I’m out in the sticks! If you can get tickets to The Book Of Mormon broadway show after the conference somehow, get one for me too! It’s booked out until 2014!!! I am almost tempted to pay a hawker! Hope you get some sleep! A-M xx

  • Something Gorgeous

    Have a great time Katrina. I was born in Wagga Wagga so have it on my passport, always gets a laugh when I travel OS as well. XToni

  • anastasia

    so cool Katerina!!! times square is crazy fun!!! very touristy though so make sure you go to some other neighbourhoods to check out how the real New Yorkers live!!

  • Jayde

    Very jealous katrina…it all sounds too amazing already…keep the posts coming cause the first one was very enjoyable, not to mention that the photos are probably my only chance of ever seeing N.Y

  • julienne

    Love the houses in Queens. Keep up the excitement!!! xx

  • Michelle Hayward

    By the time I left America I was sooooo grateful to hear an Aussie accent I nearly kissed the first person who spoke to me in STRINE (Austrayyyyyylian)! LOL Seriously! I was thrilled. They thought we were from England initially! What does that say about MY accent! 😉 LOL The money thing did my head in, and payphones, OMG I couldn’t get the hang of those! And stuff to see…I froze. Don’t do NY in Winter…even the fountain in Rockefeller Center froze! What’s THAT about LOL…and I complain about the cold here! Ha ha! Well have fuuuuuuuuun!!!!!! I love your enthusiasm! 🙂

  • penny barns

    Gosh. I bet you guys are laughing at each other. Hold on to your hand bag as i would be scared of being pick pocketed. (is that how you even say it)
    Look forward to your adventure tomorrow.
    Pen x

  • Bron @ Stop That Owl

    Loving all the photos – looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. I’ll travel vicariously through you…

  • Leanne

    I can feel your excitement! Keep the posts and pics coming, feels like I’m there 🙂

  • designchic

    I am so, so jealous – one of my favorite places!! Hope you have the best time ~

  • Monika / MB Captured

    Ha! Thanks for the laugh “oh my gaawwwd”.

    Yo uwill have a ball over there, don’t forget to have a magnolia cupcake (right near Times Sq) you too will say “oh my gaawwwd”


  • Renata

    Looks fabulous, but those stands in front of the screens are just for people to sit and look at ads?! Well it takes all sorts i guess! Have a great time, stay safe and keep uploading the photos!

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