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I cleaned, prepped and oiled our pool deck in one day

After a very hot and dry summer my deck around the pool was in need of some desperate TLC before the freezing winter hit. We usually prep and clean our deck twice a year and it can be quite a process. I was keen to try Cabot’s ‘Finish In One Day’ system. A big job suddenly became a small and simple job. Below is a photo of the before…

The system involves three steps for new bare timber, or two for pre-weathered timber. Even though we have pre-weathered merbau timber I still decided to do the three steps because it had been a while since we cared for the deck and thought I would give it some extra love.

There are 3 products I used –

  • Cabot’s New Timber Prep
  • Cabot’s Deck Clean
  • Cabot’s Aquadeck (I chose natural)

You buy all of these items separately at a hardware store.

Lightly hose down the deck to start.

The first step is the application of Cabot’s New Timber Prep. It is designed to remove any stains and oils from bare new timber surfaces to allow for immediate coating. For our deck it meant allowing us to take back any old and yucky mismatched stains. Using the brush tool I really gave it a good scrub.

I hosed off any excess.

I followed with Cabot’s Deck Clean. It is an essential preparation product that cleans and rejuvenates new and old exterior timber surfaces prior to applying a top coat of oil, stain, paint or exterior varnishes. It is designed to revitalise and clean grey, weathered and soiled timber. It is also effective in removing mould and other contaminants.

The under side of the brush tool had a squeegee which was awesome to use because it drew out any oil stain and wiped the deck clean.

To finish off I used Cabot’s Aquadeck in natural (it’s an oil which provides the topcoat). With a recoat time of just one hour, it provides a durable, lightly pigmented finish. I found using the correct applicator tool made a very big difference in the finish. It’s very even and neat.

The new Cabot’s system turns a 6 week process into just one day and is so incredibly easy to use that anybody could do it. I really love how the deck came up!

♥ KC.

* I was not paid for this post, but I was provided with the product. I was under no obligation to write about it unless I thought it was worthy (and it is!).

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