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Ways to decorate with plants


When I am on Instagram and I am scrolling down the list and up comes a home with a bit of greenery I always double click. Plants always light up a room.

Today I want to share 7 ways I think you can use plants to decorate your home (Pinterest is a great source to help you get started – lots of decorating ideas/blog posts over there!)…

Pots on a shelf

I love this image below. If you have a large empty wall, put a shelf up and fill it with plants. The pots are all the same colour, just different sizes with random plants. A perfect statement and not too expensive as most plants would have been cuttings, or are just succulents and cacti.



Sideboard display

Grouped together and displayed on one side of a console really brings this room to life. For maximum height this photo has a cutting, then a couple of plants in varying height. The pots/vases are similar tones, but not matching. It’s balanced out with a photo frame on the other side.




This style is very easy to achieve. This makes a perfect statement for a dining table centerpiece or coffee table vignette. All you need is 2 types of pots (large and small) and a few different cacti. Easy! If you love monochrome styling, then this type of cluster would bring just a little bit of colour and texture in to your home.



Plant stand

Let your plant stand on its own as a feature. This one below is a “mother-in-law’s tongue” and is one of the hardiest plants you will find. A plant stand can fill in an awkward corner of bare space without just putting the pot on the ground. Click on the source of the image below and you’ll even find a tutorial on how to make this plant stand.



Mini trees in pots

For varying heights and appeal, add some mini topiary herbs/plants to cement pots. I am on the hunt for some of these! They look great.



Hanging plants

They are all the rage at the moment. Cascading down a shelf or hanging in a pot from the corner of a room… They bring a room to life by drawing your eye upwards. I’ve even seen some really great fake vines which have tricked me in to thinking they are real.



A plant by the couch

This is probably the most popular way of styling a plant. Choose something of substantial size and pop it in a corner near your couch. It instantly adds colour, height and texture to your room. The bigger the plant the more luxurious your room will feel. It’s like you’re bringing the outside in.



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Do you have indoor plants? Which is your favourite way of styling them?

Have a great day. ♥ KC.

*images aren’t mine but are sourced under each photo.