Using The Law of Attraction

I originally wrote this blog post in 2015. It popped up again for me when I was searching for something on my blog. It feels like I might need to revisit this! I’ve had a big week… Went to Sydney for my 6 week check up, then had day surgery yesterday. Today I am taking it easy and just laying around at home. I think I might re-do my “law of attraction” list… Now is as good a time as any…


Yesterday I left the house to do some groceries and then wait in the car at school for my boys. I realised when I got to the shops I’d left my phone at home on the charger. I always love having my phone with me. It was like I’d left my arm at home! But I thought, no this will be good Katrina, you’ve got some time to focus and think… I sat for about 20 mins in the car at the school pickup with my eyes closed. I never do that in the day! I could feel the blood under my face and skin pumping and it was pulsing. So weird. My shoulders were tense. I took the time to just breathe and relax and think… I should do that more often.


Do you use The Law of Attraction in your daily life? I try to. I am far from perfect and often I forget I should be thinking positive. Sometimes I feel down, paralysed by stress and unhappy. But then I try to find a way up, usually through my thoughts.

Did you read The Secret? I did back in 2009 and I’ve recently read it again. I sometimes carry a piece of paper with The Secret‘s message written on it everywhere I go. I have my goals on it too. I am forever changing these goals. And I am only changing them, because I have reached that goal and am onto another thing. I can honestly say that since doing this my personal life, finances and family have come along way in the last 2 years.

These 3 words together are pretty powerful –
1. Ask
2. Believe
3. Receive

But the biggest thing I say to myself over and over is “I don’t need to know how it is going to happen…” That’s it. That’s all I need. I don’t need to think about how something is going to come about, I just need to focus on the fact that it will happen SOON. I don’t need a date either. Things will manifest. It will just come about. I truly believe this.

I found this easy to understand graphic which I thought I would share with you all…

5a4870536d5167ae674d3331e058c8f1I thought it was worth a save to my computer. I think having something to refer to when things get a little crazy also helps you refocus. Do you?

Hope you have a great day. I’m off to write a list… ♥ KC.


  • Marita Brown

    An amazing post, thanks so much for sharing x

  • Twinkle

    Katrina, can I start by telling you how truly wonderful your Blog is? I just love the variation of content – it’s unlike anything else out there and I really feel like a close friend is talking to me 🙂

    On this topic, I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for a very long time and can honestly say – in my experience – that if you dedicate time and belief to it, then it will pay off. In my experience, mood boards are a great start – there are some online apps that you can use nowadays, but I started off with miniature whiteboards, magnets and a myriad of pictures of things I wanted to become (career-wise), and things I wanted in my life, and dedicated a lot of time and energy into imagining / feeling that they were already at my touch. It’s worked pretty well for me, and the visualisation aspect of it is something I practice everyday. As I accomplish what I set out to achieve, I put thought and effort into what else I want to become/do/have in my life – I never just settle. At the moment, I have one whiteboard each for my professional training and development; my health; home renovations; and spiritual development.

    I think people are very quick to dismiss the Law of Attraction because they want a quick fix … which it’s not – like any good thing, it takes time to master and when it is meant to be yours then it will come to fruition. But people are generally impatient and want everything now – or, they think it sounds naff and is just a fad that couldn’t possibly work.

    • Katrina (author)

      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. Glad to see you’re using the same techniques and are thriving! I needed to kick myself up the bum today so what better what than to write about it! XX

  • Virginia

    This is just what I needed to read today! Thank you 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      You’re welcome. X

  • Vri | villas

    Best read of the day. Such motivational post 🙂 Thanks, Katrina. You make everything so special!
    Hugs xx

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