Use vinegar to clean your home!


Did you know that you can use vinegar to clean just about anything in your home? It’s a handy little $2 bottle to have! Today I am going to share some ideas with you on where/how you can use vinegar…

Half a cup of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water. Limit its use on hardwood floors though.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray on to window and wipe off with soft dry cloth (sometimes I use newspaper).

Clean the microwave
Boil 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water (mixed together) in the microwave. It will loosen splattered on food and deodorise. You can then wipe it out with your usual kitchen cloth.

Rid the sink of smells
Pour a cup of white vinegar down the drain once a week. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then flush it right down the sink.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances
Do you hate streaky fridges or ovens or anything stainless steel? Me too. Apply vinegar with a soft cloth straight on to the stainless steel. To be safe though try it first in an inconspicuous place first.

Cleaner Dishes & Glasses
Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in the bottom of dishwasher.  Wash through the full cycle along with your usual dishwasher tablet or liquid.

Shower doors
Rub down shower doors with a sponge soaked in white vinegar to remove soap residue. This is my favourite because scum really builds up in there. Let it sit for a bit, then wipe off.

Toilet bowl cleaner
Stubborn stains can be removed from the toilet by cleaning with white vinegar and brushing the areas. Also deoderise the bowl by adding a few cups of white vinegar and allow it to remain for a half hour, then flush.

Unclog the showerhead
Soaking them in white vinegar overnight. If you can remove it great, but otherwise saturate a cloth towel (like a bathroom hand towel) in vinegar and wrap it around the showerhead for the night.

Paintbrush softener
Don’t throw your paint brushes away! Soak them in hot white vinegar and then wash out with warm, sudsy water.

Deodorant stains
Deodorant and antiperspirant stains can be removed from clothing by lightly rubbing with white vinegar then wash immediately as usual. Same goes for oil stains on shirts.

Get rid of cooking smells
There’s nothing worse than waking up and walking in to your kitchen only to smell last night’s dinner. Ewwww. To rid the smell, before you go to bed let a small pot of vinegar and water solution simmer on the stove for about 15mins.

Remove mold from walls
Older houses tend to get a build up of mold on the walls in bathrooms. You can spray vinegar on the walls, let sit for 15 minutes, rinse and let dry.

Clean spills on carpet
After removing as much liquid as you can, spray the stain with a solution of half vinegar and half water and let sit for two minutes. Blot with a towel.

TIP: If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, try adding a few drops of an essential oil like peppermint, lemon or eucalyptus. Just shake the bottle well before you use each time.

There you go! Easy to get cleaning with vinegar. It has so many uses. I’m off to throw some around in my shower. Happy cleaning ♥ KC.

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  • Bella

    I also use vinegar to remove grass stains off my tomboy daughter’s denim jeans (something that can’t be soaked in napisan)….soak for at least half an hour then scrub the stain with some washing liquid, put them through a normal wash and grass stains are gone!

    • Katrina

      Oh I could do that on cricket stains! Thank you!!! I hadn’t thought of that one.

  • Susan Peyton

    These are some quite useful ideas! I’m often using vinegar for cleaning at home and here are some great new suggestions to try. Thanks for sharing this nice information!

  • myreviewcenter

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