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Tutorial Tuesday: Easy gallery wall shelves


Hi! It’s been a few weeks since my last Tutorial Tuesday. This is a post about the cool DIY things I find on the internet as I’m surfing around (sounds very 90’s doesn’t it?). Anyway, if you’re looking for a DIY project and an easy way to transform something, then check out my posts – there’s heaps of ideas!

Easy Gallery Wall Shelves


I found these in my travels. They don’t look too hard (if you have a handy person in your house!). I guess they don’t have to be so fancy BUT the best part? If you do it yourself you can have them as long as you want. I find that shelving is always too small. The floating shelves you buy at hardware stores are never long enough! Pop over here to see the full tutorial.

Transform an old frame into a tray for your bathroom

Last week I wrote about the bathroom vignette, then I found this cool idea! Transform an old photo frame in to a tray for the bathroom. Simple and can be done in under an hour! Go here to see more.

Frosted chevron vase


A boring vase can look like this after a bit of tape and frosted spray. How easy! I could do this one! Check it out here.

DIY Twig Candle Holder


Send the kids out to look for twigs and wrap them around a glass candle holder. I love them in a cluster like shown above. Pop over here to see how easy it is! Great Xmas gift!

Here’s some more Tutorials for you! Hope you have fun.


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