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Top Shopping Picks: cushions


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First TOP SHOPPING PICK of 2013! We’re back! Today I thought I’d do a theme and as you can see I chose cushions. You can never have too many cushions. The palm tree is at the top of the list for me. Love that.

Today I normally would have given you a house update, but they are busily working on the weatherboard, so I thought I might do a post on Friday as hopefully there will be a bit more to show you. If you follow my instagram you would have seen the final colour we’re painting the house. My husband did a spot on the weekend and I am in love with it. It was too hot to paint a significant portion of the house, but we’ll get stuck in to some of it on the weekend and over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be sharing all those photos with you too. Yesterday all the insulation went in so the plastering is on its way… can’t wait for that!

Hope you have a great day and buy some new cushions 🙂


  • Chris R

    Best thing about these shopping posts is finding all these awesome websites that I have been missing out on. Thanks Katrina, and I love the ampersand cushion.

  • Anna (My Design Ethos)

    Some of my favourites up there too! I’m avoiding all shopping at the moment while we save for our house 🙂 Luckily I can live by shopping for clients!

  • Natasha Hansen

    I need to purchase cushions but arggh there are so many colours and themes around what should be simple is now complicated for me. I love the floral ones and the blue block print one is on my maybe list.

    We are at a similar stage as I think our chippies should just about have finished putting our weatherboard up, just love weatherboard!


  • kell

    I love all your little shopping posts Katrina. Was worried about you with the fire situation down there, hope everyone’s ok!

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