Top 10 tips for planning your walk in robe/closet

Today we have some help with a guest post from Kristie at Elements at Home.

Kristie has written a great post on planning your walk-in robe or closet…

1.Everything behind closed doors. 

Put doors in your walk in robe if you don’t like mess. A walk in robe will always feel a little messy because of all the colours, sizes, shapes and materials so if this bothers you.

2. Single hanging space.

Make some part of your robe single hanging space for those long dresses, coats or pants.

3. Remember closets are smallish and tallish.

Using extra height can mean a feeling of dark over powering space. To combat this feeling keep your lighting task orientated and focused.

4. Mirrors.

They are essential in robes and not only can they act as your “do I look fat in this guide” but they can make a small space feel bigger.  Side note, if your space is bigger your but looks smaller.

5. Windows can also be extremely beneficial in your closet.

They provide the “real” colour you need when you step outside in your chosen outfit. Although you will obviously need a window covering as to not damage your clothing it is beneficial to have sunlight come in most areas as you can keep these spaces available to fresh air which is great.

6. Shoes are the most important part of a girls outfit.

Can I tell you, it doesn’t matter if we are having a fat, ugly bloated day we know awesome shoes will save us. Seriously we all have them even if you think that skinny attractive girl next door doest, believe me she does. So shoe storage with correct height and a slight slant for viewing and easy access is the way to go in your robe.

7. Consider your flooring.

It has to suit your house but it has to suit the way your walk in robe is configured. Our Robe will be in between our en suite and our bedroom so it will be the middle ground between steam and steam (ha ha who am I kidding there is no steam in our bedroom…..we have 2 small children).

8. Middle Storage is also perfect to best utilise your walls.

Great wall hanging means not to much shelving but a great robe requires shelving so add a set of drawers or table in the centre to keep every space well used.

9. A small dressing table area.

A small table would be the ultimate space solution and organisation will be top of the list with this style of extra space. A place to keep accessories and underwear as well as other important safe keeping type pieces.

10. Colour of your cabinetry is also extra important.

Keep it simple but remember if you are adding adequate lighting the robe is a great place to play with colour that highlights your clothing.

Black cabinetry is a fabulous way to highlight the colour of your clothing unless like me all your clothing is black then maybe timber or white is a great idea.

So there you go! how good are these tips from Elements at Home? Are you planning and new wardrobe area? Have you got any extra tips? Come and tell us on the forum!

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  • Gemma - Walk In Wardrobe

    The cabinet color definitely plays a big role. The shades to use overall to me would have to be decided depending on the type of house you have, the clothing, the space/size of your closet. In general, very insightful!

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