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Today’s Top Shopping Picks…


  1. Ampersand light
  2. Clutch
  3. Cardigan
  4. Ring
  5. Photo frame
  6. Camera Bag
  7. Shell Wreath
  8. Perfumed Necklace

Hi there shoppers! How are you today? As usual I have been shopping around online and came across a new batch of goodies for you to drool over.

I really want the camera bag! How cute is it? I bought a fancy new camera a couple of weeks ago but am yet to purchase a bag for it. I think this one should do the trick?

I’m in love with the bone inlay photo frame. Just perfect!

I have also been gifted the perfumed necklace – Number 8. Now, isn’t this the coolest thing you’ve even seen? I am so impressed with it. You get these little designer perfume rocks which go inside the necklace!! What about that hey?? The rocks last for ages, and if you take the rock out and pop it back in it’s case when you aren’t wearing the necklace then they last longer. I think this is THE perfect gift for the person who has everything. There are lots of designs and scents to choose from too.

Anyway, have a great day!

What have you bought online lately? Anything cool?

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  • Hayley

    IF YOU LIKE THAT CAMERA BAG YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT or look them up on facebook‎ I am saving up for one! (my friend has one that fits her iPad in a side pocket too, so handy! A camera bag and handbag and Ipad bag all in one. Never be without your camera 🙂

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