The Block: Elimination 1 rooms revealed!

Hi there! I’m back again this season with all the photos from the room reveals on The Block 2015 TRIPLE THREAT! Who is watching? Who is your favourite so far? What did you think of the rooms last night?

Here are the rooms with their owners…

This is Brooke & Aimee. Shop their room here.

Brook + Aimee 800x800 Brooke + Aimee Elim 1

This is Jess & Ayden. Shop their room here. Jess + Ayden 800x800 Jess + Ayden elim 1

This is Jess & Mark. Shop their room here. Jess + Mark 800x800 Jess + Mark Elimination bedroom

This is Josh & Charlotte. Shop their room here. Josh + Charlotte 800x800 Josh _ Charlotte Elimination 1.2 Josh _ Charlotte Elimination 1

This is Luke & Ebony. Shop their room here. Luke + Ebony 800x800 Luke + Ebony elim 1

This is Tim & Ana. Shop their room here. Tim+ Anastsia 800x800 Tim + Anastasia elim 1

If you want to see any of the rooms from last year and the blog posts I did then head here for all the photos!

I’ll be back soon with lots more!

♥ KC.


  • Jen Clark

    I am in love with the Indian print one of the couples used in their room but I can’t find it anywhere and The Block shop only shows something similar. Any ideas?

    • sandra

      I have been looking also. I love it. I cant seem to find it anywhere. If I do I will let you know.

      • Katrina (author)

        I’ll ask and come back to you…

    • kelly

      Its from forty winks for $549
      would just need to contact your local to see if they have any or if they can order in. A forty winks rep wrote it on the the block facebook 🙂

    • Amanda Hamilton

      Hi Katrina,
      I have similar large original paintings of the indian print featured in the block which I have for sale and will take orders from.
      Happy to stock anyone who loves this style of art.
      Contact me
      I have them in bright pink,blue and orange for the headress colours.
      Price is $400 for actual painting.
      My personal email is
      Kindest regards:)

    • Amanda Hamilton

      I have similar original art works for sale $400 in pink,blue and orange.
      If interested.Amanda

    • jillian barrie

      I have seen this print, or one very similar at a store in Nelson Bay NSW, called “The Home Interior”. It is a homeware store/café. They are on Facebook and so is the print., along with dozens of others gorgeous things as well. Regards Jillian

  • Gabs

    Where are Brooke & Aime’s pendant lights from? They are not in the block shop!

    • Katrina (author)

      I’m not sure actually, no doubt they will pop up in The Block Shop soon.

  • KL

    I think Josh and Charlotte were deserving of their win. I hope they add the Supliers Lists for the items used like they did last season!

  • Belle

    Where are the lamps from in josh and charlottes room?

  • Anon

    I actually liked Mark and Jess’s room best!

  • Plans For Garage Storage

    Those shelves might be best for my basement. I am going to use the desing for arranging my boxes.

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