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The Block 2021 – Week 6 – Bedroom and Redo Rooms

Ronnie & Georgia

Score: 29 /30
Spent: $24,680
First Place

From the traditional yet contemporary wallpaper to contrasting yet matching bedhead and cushions, Ronnie and Georgia threw a curveball at the judges with their bedroom this week, but it was one they loved. Declaring this her favourite colour palette of The Block so far, Shaynna thought this was a room with its own style, but still a complement to the rest of the house. Even the challenge artwork seemed to fit, said Neale! Moving to the re-do room – a larger walk-in wardrobe – they were blown away by the transformation. More spacious, better fittings, this was a room that completes the master wing.

Re-do wardrobe >

My favourite this week was that textured bedhead and the European cushions.

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Kirsty & Jesse

Score: 28 ½ /30
Spent: $19,855
Second Place

A Hamptons style kids’ room, styled for a little girl right down to the Dolly Parton storybooks on the shelves, Kirsty and Jesse’s room had a definite style and a definite theme in mind. Not even an upside-down lampshade could dampen the judges’ enthusiasm with Shaynna loving the valance, Neale the Grafico wallpaper and all agreeing it’s a space that shows what a home this can be – while still able to be converted to other uses. Also converted, was their opinion of the guest bedroom, with Kirsty and Jesse’s redo bringing a new shade of blue, new bedding, new bedsides and more, winning them over.

Re-do bedroom >

My favourite this week was the wallpaper and the bedside lamp.

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Mark & Mitch

Score: 28 /30
Spent: $22,461
Third Place

“Whimsical”, “Playful”, “Cute” and “Fun!” the judges said and that’s just what Mitch and Mark wanted to hear for their children’s bedroom. With bunkbeds, pistachio-green wardrobes and beautifully styled to lure in a young buyer, skylights (with blinds) overhead for brilliant light during the day and dark when it’s needed, Neal noted this is a kids room right now, but one that could be easily converted to an older child’s room or even an office easily. And that’s smart planning. So too was the re-do bedroom, now a smart addition to the home with its own feel and colour scheme.

Re-do bedroom >

My favourite this week was the cockatoo prints and the wallpaper.

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Tanya & Vito

Score: 27 /30
Spent: $15,220
Fourth Place

A built-in bunk, generous wardrobe and ample storage space, a desk and funk, funky styling make this an ideal kids bedroom, perfect to show Tanya and Vito’s house could easily become their home. Neale’s big concern was how easily the room could be converted for an older child or another purpose – the built-in fixtures might make things tricky – but all agreed it’s a great value add for the home. So too was the re-do room, now without it’s polarising brown tiles. Thank God! said all three judges, it’s still a room with personality, but one that won’t divide the market.

Re-do bathroom >

My favourite this week was the wallpaper and squiggle floor rug.

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Josh & Luke

Score: 20 /30
Spent: $17,248
Last Place

From the highs of the master wing to the lows of this bedroom, Josh and Luke’s roller-coaster Block ride continues with the judges declaring this space a mismatch of style with a colour palette that’s too cold. Some fresh styling was needed, the judges agreed, to bring it into line with the rest of the home, which led them into the re-do bathroom. Once again the styling and colour palette weren’t what the judges were hoping for, with the floor to ceiling toilet screen the only obvious change… and not one they loved.

Re-do bathroom >

Which was YOUR favourite room this week?

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♥ KC. Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.

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