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The Block 2020: Guest Bedroom & Ensuite Reveals

Luke and Jasmin | Week 5 |  Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

Score 30/30 
WOW. That’s probably the best word to describe the bedroom and bathroom that Luke and Jasmin delivered this week. Whimsical and gorgeous were two words thrown about while judging the bedroom, which was made for a child. Stunning wall paper, a hanging chair, and the bunk beds a highlight. They also loved the small touches including the elephant and lion mounted on the wall.  The bathroom was executed perfectly, including beautiful terrazzo and subway tiles. 30/30 for Luke and Jasmin, you can’t get much better than that.
You can SHOP Luke & Jasmin’s room here. My favourite this week is the hanging chair of course!

Sarah and George | Week 5 Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

Score 29 / 30 
The Western Sydney married couple have come back from the break in the build with a healthy, new attitude. One of the first things the judges noticed was the stunning Grafico wallpaper mural in the bedroom, and the sheer size of the room. There was so much storage with the Kinsman wardrobes, and we all know the judges love lots of storage. With huge ceilings, there wasn’t much wrong with the bedroom. The bathroom they loved the tiles. One of the only criticisms was the position of the tap in the shower, but overall, a fantastic week for Sarah and George.
You can SHOP Sarah & George’s room here. My favourite this week is the vintage tree wallpaper.

Jimmy and Tam  | Week 5 |  Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

Score 29/30
The nature of the space in Jimmy and Tam’s upstairs bedroom would have been difficult to work with, but they nailed it. The bench work from home space overlooking the back yard was just perfect, according to the judges. Once again the incredible Grafico wallpaper stood out.  As for the bathroom, the bold choice of peach paint had a mixed reaction, with Shaynna calling it the Donald Trump of bathrooms. Everything else though was amazing. The big question is, will Jimmy and Tam’s build appeal to the Brighton buyer, as it is so specific?  They are certainly taking the 1950s brief very seriously.
You can SHOP Jimmy & Tam’s room here. My favourite is the Terrazzo Tooth Stump in the bathroom.

Harry and Tash | Week 5 | Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

Score 28.5/30
It was initially all positive feedback from the judges for the Melbourne father and daughter couple. The judges thought the bedroom referenced the Art Deco period of the 1920s inspired House No.1. The Kinsman wardrobe was a hit, and the judges loved the art work from Art Lovers. The bathroom was also very well done, in particular the beautiful terrazzo tiles. However Darren was first to pick up a big mistake, the bathroom wall was out of plumb around 40mm and was crooked. A huge setback for Harry and Tash, they may have to pull the bathroom out and start again.
You can SHOP Harry & Tash’s room here. My favourite is the walnut bedside table.

Daniel and Jade | Week 5 | Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

Score 25.5/ 30
The South Australians did something unique to the other couples this week upstairs on The Block, they had two bedrooms and a bathroom. It’s a move that will surely add to the value of their family friendly 1930s inspired home. The judges loved that each of the bedrooms were designed for a boy and a girl.  Shaynna loved Jade’s styling, something the hairdresser takes very seriously on The Block. However as far as the bathroom goes, it wasn’t brilliant feedback.  Jade loved her mint green basing From Nood Co, and Shaynna thought it was a great addition. But Darren in particular wasn’t a fan of much at all in the room.  So while the bedrooms were nearly perfect, the bathroom was a let down for Daniel and Jade this week.
You can SHOP Daniel & Jade’s room here. My favourite is the Rosa French Linen.

What did you think this week?

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♥ KC.

Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.


  • Peter mcglen

    I’ve been watching the block since it started, I’m starting to think it’s rigged, how can a PERFECT score go to a bathroom that the sinks aren’t even plumbed in??? ?

  • Cherylle

    At first glance Luke and Jasmin’s laundry hamper looks like a giant toilet roll ?.

    Check it out!

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