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The Block 2020: Backyard reveals

Sarah and George | Week 12 | Backyard and Pool     30/30

Where do we start with this amazing effort by Sarah and George? The lovely Japanese Maple tree in the courtyard immediately caught the eyes of the judges, as did the black timber fence. In the backyard the outdoor table was a perfect addition as was the pizza oven. The pool area could easily be a magazine shoot or Instagram post, with a beautiful  tile choice.  Sarah and George ended up winning the Ford Puma, which is perfect as they were on the hunt for a new car once The Block was over. Talk about a strong finish to the build. 

Luke and Jasmin | Week 12 | Backyard and Pool   29 ½  /30

This loss by half a point really hurt the Perth married couple as they threw literally everything into the last week on The Block.. The daybed in the courtyard was very well received, perfect to lay on with a book and glass of wine. The judges thought the execution across the board this week for of a gold standard. The pizza party pit, amazing. Jasmin’s styling choices in the pool area were spot on. So while they didn’t win yet again, there was a lot to be proud of this week for Luke and Jasmin. They started slow on The Block, but finished very well.


Jimmy and Tam  | Week 12 | Backyard and Pool   27 ½ /30

The coral painted breeze block wowed the judges in the courtyard, setting the scene for another positive week for Jimmy and Tam. Their choices of plants, cactus and bamboo, was a hit. Shaynna loved the simplicity of the backyard. The pool had a couple of daybeds that would be perfect to lay on, on a hot Melbourne summer day. They judges did feel the space next to the pool was not right, but Jimmy and Tam maintain it is all about storage. So another strong week for Jimmy and Tam in what has been a very strong few months on The Block with their 1950s, unique house.

Daniel and Jade | Week 12 | Backyard and Pool  24/30

How about that stunning magpie themed artwork in the courtyard? The judges loved it. They did feel that the space could have been more comfortable and better laid out. Walking into the backyard they loved the sculpture and the effect of the Velux skylights. The outdoor shower was a great idea, but it lacked a bit of functionality because of where it was positioned right above the dirt in the garden. While the pool was lovely, the judges felt Daniel and Jade could have done more with sprucing it up a bit.

Harry and Tash | Week 12| Backyard and Pool    22 ½ /30

The huge oak tree is the real hero in the backyard of Harry and Tash in House No.1. It was a paired back effort this week as they had to change some original plans because of budget issues. The pool tiles were a perfect choice but the space but it was obvious to the judges that Harry and Tash ran out of money because of their lack of styling.  Harry and Tash installed a wall between the front and back gardens, which the judges thought was the wrong decision but they are sticking with it. Tash believes privacy from the front of New St is more important. So after some ups, and some downs, the build is done for the Melbourne father and daughter.

What did you think this week?

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♥ KC.

Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.

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