The Block 2019 Oslo: Living and dining reveals

The Block 2019 Oslo: Living and dining reveals >>


SCORE: 29/30
Jesse and Mel are back! This week they took out a win for their near-perfect living/dining room. Like Deb and Andy, Jesse and Mel decided to orientate their dining table adjacent to their kitchen bench, a decision that won them favour with the judges, who loved the open, contemporary feel. They particularly loved that the couple held back 500mm from their kitchen to allow extra room in their living area, making theirs the most functional and usable living space of anywhere on this year’s Block.
They particularly loved the fireplace, which the couple made to be the architectural focal point of the room by incorporating custom black marble benchtops and cabinetry. Unlike so many of the other couples, theirs was a fire that could be enjoyed while sitting in the oversized couch, or the two stunning blue occasional chairs, while still watching the television.
The judges were instantly smitten.



SCORE: 28/30
Andy and Deb produced another exceptional space this week, their gorgeous pared-back living area seeing them take out second place. The judges fell in love with the room, which continued with the couple’s trademark ‘coastal luxe’ vibe.
They particularly liked how everything flowed from the kitchen, as well as the placement of their large timber table and contemporary chairs, configured to run adjacent to their island bench. Neale loved their light, bright colour palette, cane coffee table, cane occasional chair, white in-built cabinetry and the white sofa and jute rug. But the thing that piqued his interest the most – and had all three judges rejoicing – was the placement of their stunning piece of commissioned Indigenous art.



SCORE: 24.5/30
El’ise and Matt had a rough time in the judging last week, with Shaynna, Neal and Darren questioning a lot of their decisions with regards to their kitchen. This week they were back on track, revealing a stunning, contemporary and homely living/dining space, complete with burnt orange sofa, petrified wood nest of tables, a brick feature fireplace and a selection of stunning artworks.
“There’s back!” Neale said, upon stepping into their luxe oasis, which also sported a dark charcoal sofa, grey rug and olive hued cushions to match their green kitchen seats.



SCORE: 22/30
Tess and Luke had various setbacks this week, but overcame every conceivable obstacle to produce a stunning, contemporary living/dining space. The hero in their room was that beautiful custom-made timber table, which they built to butt up against their huge island bench, making it the focal point of the room.
Elsewhere, they used a mellow palette of whites and creams, including an oversized cream couch, earth-toned circular coffee table, light-coloured rug and grey occasional chairs to work as a contrast to their black brick feature wall and fireplace. That wall, in turn, played beautifully with the light from their oversized void, which Shaynna said would prove a huge selling-point for their home.



SCORE: 22/30
Mitch and Mark continued their mid-century ‘Palm Springs Luxe’ theme in their living/dining area, producing a gorgeous on-trend, bright and luxurious room. The first thing the judges noticed when they stepped inside was the fact the couple had chosen to replace their ‘Cottage Garden’ light-box windows from last week with beautiful, framed surf photography.
Their decision to pare back this large feature wall went down well.
“That was a good call,” said Shaynna, who thought Mitch and Mark had styled their room, which included a stunning white-brick feature fireplace, blue velvet dining chairs, a white terrazzo table and brown leather couch from Freedom, immaculately.

What did you think of the Living and Dining rooms this week?

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