The Basse Table from Mocka Australia

Last week I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous Basse Table from Mocka Australia. It’s just what I needed for this lounge room. It’s a great size and I love that’s it’s round and is a neutral colour.

Its indented table top and curved legs will complete the look of your lounge room while its natural wooden finish will soften the space, providing the perfect area for relaxing or entertaining.



This is a room where my kids sometimes watch movies and I like to read here now and then.

The Basse Table is on sale at the moment – it’s almost half price at $99! I received it in about 3 days too.

If you’re looking for something else from Mocka I recommend the Jimmy Stand (which I also made adjustments too – you can see that tutorial here), or check out their new Cork Deco Range.

Let me know if you have one, or purchase one! Tag me on Instagram 🙂

♥ KC.


  • Kellie

    I wondered if you had any problems with drinks etc spilling over because of the indented surface of the table? Cheers

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi, it doesn’t get used often as it’s in a room where we don’t have food 🙂

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