Stunning Sunday: SoHo-Style Luxurious Apartment in Rushcutters Bay, NSW

Hello there! Welcome back to Stunning Sunday where I share an amazing home for sale in Australia. Today I found this very cool SoHo-style apartment in Rushcutters Bay, NSW. Isn’t it funky?!

One of Sydney’s most sophisticated private hideaways is this warehouse style apartment that would not look out of place in New York. Originally 2 separate 2-bedroom apartments owned and stunningly reinvented by Australian fashion icon Maggie Tabberer, this palatial loft apartment is now one oversized residence. Beyond luxurious and cleverly redesigned to be as perfect for private relaxation as gala entertaining, the indoor/outdoor layout offers bespoke contemporary city living with generous proportions and minimal maintenance.“- Agent.

main image2 image3 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image14 image13 image12 image11 image10 floorplan1

I could look at the details in the apartment all day. The greenery, the bookcase, the oversized windows… it has a nice feel about it. Here’s the link to where you can find out more information.

Happy Sunday! ♥ KC.


  • Kristie

    Wow! This place is amazing! Loving your blog Katrina! xx

  • Mrs BC

    Oh my gosh I LOVE IT!! Ms Tabberer is so stylish.

  • KL

    Wow Katrina! I’ve seen bits of Maggie’s appartment before but not as much as this. Thank you for sharing! The height in the living areas is spectacular isn’t it? Love her style and whoopie…a new place that sh’ll decorate to peep too in due course!

  • manicmumdays

    I was looking at this just the other day! What are the chances haha
    It’s stunning! And very Block-esque I thought 🙂

  • sophia hills residences

    Creativity is truly magic at this soho-style apartment. At the end of the day and after the tiresome hours at work, I just want to go home with such kindda environment. Hope singapore would also adopt this and sure many people would invest. I thought soho designs was just in greece but also very familiar in United States.

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