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SodaStream: Better for you & better for the environment

Brought to you by SodaStream.

Gone are the days of having a SodaStream as a novelty item in your home! We ditched that idea years ago. Now we have one purely because a) we love water and b) we’re happy to reduce the plastic waste in our home. I have never had trouble getting my boys to drink water and we’re not a fan of sugary drinks or juice! But we’ve always had a SodaStream in our home for as long as I can remember. Sparkling Water has become a staple in our house. My husband will drink litres and litres of it. It’s so much better for you and it’s always on tap. The best part?… It’s reusable!

The machine is sleek and stylish which I love. I have it permanently sitting on my kitchen benchtop and can hear it whizzing and whirring all the time when someone is thirsty.

It’s important to note that we don’t only use the SodaStream because it looks and tastes good, but we also use it because we’re always trying to reduce plastic in the kitchen. What’s the point of buying bottles of sparkling water when you can reuse and make your own whenever you like?

Each SodaStream machine comes with a carbonating bottle which is safe, reusable, uniquely designed, and can save the average Australian family (and the environment) up to 2,190 bottles and cans over the three year lifespan of the bottle! That’s huge!

Here are some more plastic facts…

  • Only 44% of plastic bottles are recycled in Australia. That means a staggering 295,120 tonnes of plastic will go into Australian landfills each year!
  • It takes 450 years for the average plastic bottle to completely degrade.
  • A single cylinder not only saves 180 aluminium cans or 40 bottles, it can also be refilled and reused again and again.
  • 1 SodaStream bottle saves 2,190 bottles going into landfill.

Here’s the why…

  • Sodastream is better for you, better for your family and better for the environment.
  • Sodastream sleek design makes it an everyday kitchen top item to be used regularly.
  • Sodastream is water made exciting, turning ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds.
  • It’s fantastic value for money, ultra-convenient and fun and simple to use.

You can enjoy fresh sparkling water at home, anytime you want it with a Sodastream Maker. Simply fill your Sodastream BPA free carbonating bottle with tap water and add as much fizz as you like and make your water more exciting by adding fruits (or alcohol!) You can easily customise your sparkling water with natural flavours and tastes from the convenience of your own home, using an environmentally conscious system. I chopped up some lemon, lime, added some fresh berries and mint with some ice cubes. Delicious and refreshing.

Grab yourself a SodaStream today. Of if you already have one, what’s your favourite drink?

♥ KC.

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