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Slowly updating our pool area

Halfway through last Summer we got a pool put in. We have a very small space to work with and the shape of our yard was on an angle. I wrote about that process of deciding where to the put the pool here. We also had to put a small retaining wall around the pool. We decided on a DIY for that one because essentially a hedge would end up covering it – so it wouldn’t be seen for very long (just until the hedges grow!).

We also decided our fence height needed to be extended for privacy. I researched and researched how to do this (there are products for sale at the hardware store, but I didn’t really like any of them). In the end we got a fencer to make us these extensions. We were also conscious the extensions had to pass council regulations due to them being around a pool area. They ended up very affordable and so easy for us to install ourselves. They are simply pieces of steel (powder-coated to our fence colour – I hate this fence colour, but suburbia says we have to have it!) and slotted in to brackets (and separated by little spacers). Half a day later we had our fence extensions on!




Then we moved on to a deck. The shape of our pool needed something to finish it off around the edges and give us another space to sit and enjoy the sunshine. We didn’t DIY this one! Haha… no the experts were called for this. My mate did this job for us.



We’ve used treated pine, put plastic between the joins and used stainless steel screws so it didn’t rot. I went for the wide merbau boards. We haven’t oiled them yet. It was recommended we leave them for a week or two – hose them daily though to let them bleed and adjust. The oiling will be the next job.





It’s all coming together! I just need some outdoor furniture on the deck now – an umbrella and some chairs. The kids had their first swim on Tuesday! Can’t wait to spend Summer out here. On the other side of that little hedge in the above photo I have an outdoor lounge, so that’s where I will be kicking back!

Bring it on! ♥ KC.


  • Twinkle

    Wow! That is looking SO good! 🙂

  • Priya McDonald

    Your surburbia fence is nicer than ours. We have to have green!!

  • Dannielle Cresp

    Do you have to have a pool safety fence or is that only a requirement in Victoria? (Not judging, just curious)

  • Diane Burns

    Looks great, it has come together very well, just in time to enjoy summer! ?

  • Sarah Matulewicz

    Does council dictate what colour your fence has to be? My parents replaced their wooden fence a few years ago an chose from like 10 colours.. But they do live in the hills shire council, I’m guessing it’s different in Wagga.

  • Kym Errington

    It looks fantastic, I love it, great work.!!

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks! X

  • Helena

    your pool area looks fantastic 🙂 – is that sandstone coping?

    • Katrina (author)

      Yes 🙂

  • Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    It is coming together so well! A imagine a pool is a must living not by the coast. We have had our pool solar turned up to about 30 degrees this week and it has been heaven, I couldn’t live without a pool now! Enjoy x

  • Tiffany

    Hi Katrina, we are also looking at extending our fence for privacy reasons. Would it be possible to find out the name of the fencer who made your extensions?

  • Alison

    Found it! Looks great, trying to get ideas but waiting until ours goes in so I can get an better idea of the area. We’ve got a big area to do so still working with ideas but love the combination of pavers and decking. X

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