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A few weeks ago I was alerted to a new online platform called Pitchi. Sellers can pitch their products through videos which also allows the buyers to purchase the product on the flip side.

I was curious and started watching some of the little videos. Impressive! Video is a powerful tool that has the ability to captivate us and it certainly inspires us, so not see the sellers inspiring and captivating their buyers through video?

Take a look at a few of these really clever and professional videos to see what I mean…

I got lost on their site watching videos! I discovered so many new designers, brands and boutiques. Some people are so clever and it was very cool to be able to visually connect with the seller. What a great way to support innovative small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

pitchi Untitled-2

Our aim is that each and every Pitchi video is a tool for the empowerment of the entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone that makes a Pitchi video should be proud of what they have for sale. Everyone that buys from a Pitchi video will know the story of where that item came from and can appreciate the true value of what they have bought.” – Pitchi.

If you’re a seller jump over to Pitchi and add your FREE video (it’s totally free!!) and there are even editing tools over there so it’s super simple. Or if you want to buy something then also head to the site and search around!

What do you think? The way of the future and selling online?

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