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Review: Dyson V6 Absolute

Dyson V6 Absolute - 1

Recently I was asked if I’d like to review the new Dyson V6 Absolute. How could I say no? Actually I was so excited that I even rang my husband at work and texted my best friend. I have wanted one of these little fellas for AGES! I knew it was going to change my life – for reals. I get ridiculously excited about cleaning products. I know, I’m crazy, but I live in a house with 4 males, so anything to keep things clean (and make my life easier) is a winner in my eyes.

When the delivery man knocked on my door I practically snatched it out of his hands, got out my stanley knife and ripped it out of the box. The chairs went up on the bench and whipped around the house before the kids got home…

Dyson V6 Absolute - 2

I am so impressed with my new toy. It’s small, light and super powerful. I am never bringing my big vacuum out again (which was a cheap and nasty one). I did my carpets twice with this new Dyson – I had no idea they were so dirty! You should have seen the little cartridge fill up.

Dyson V6 Absolute - 3


  • It has a hygienic bin emptying system. Just press the button to release the dirt quickly. No pulling it apart to empty.
  • A great range of tools come with it. There’s also a specific head for hard floors and then one for carpets.
  • I’ve mounted mine in my walk-in-pantry and it just hangs up charging away. No cords, or lying on the floor to trip over!
  • I can get up to 20 minutes out of it before I need to re-charge (there’s a MAX button too which you can use for carpets when you need some serious suction – but that will use your battery a bit quicker).

Dyson V6 Absolute - 4

I am fighting my 13 year old child for its use every day. I think he loves it more than me! I have this teenager who likes things to be clean and neat, so every morning after breakfast he hurries his brothers along so he can vacuum under the kitchen bench after they’ve demolished about 10 pieces of toast. I’m not complaining about his enthusiasm. Ha!

I’m giving the Dyson V6 Absolute a HUGE thumbs up.

Have you got one? If not, I promise you won’t regret getting one!

♥ KC.


  • Maree Frost

    Couldn’t live without mine, especially with a house full of boys. So much easier to pull out than the big one and am always amazed at how much it picks up. Love it!!!

  • Marita Brown

    I have 2 dysons 🙂 Dyson stick and a Dyson barrel vac with the massive powerhead that could literally suck up our cats if the got in its way !! I couldn’t live without either of them and its not unlike me to get the stick vac out a couple of times a day 😉

  • Kathy McMullen

    We just bought one because we had bamboo flooring installed and my big Dyson was scratching them.
    OMG I’m in love. I had another Dyson handheld and was never happy with it. Hubby convinced me to give them a try again and I’m really glad I did. Amazing and no more scratched boards.

    • Katrina (author)

      So awesome.

  • Twinkle

    Oh Katrina, you just have the most fabulous life – and your house looks so perfect – I’m very, very envious!!

    Do you remember how I told you ages ago that I had a Shark upright vacuum cleaner that impressed me so much, I bought a second one as back-up? That particular vacuum is still going very strong and looks just like my sister-in-law’s Dyson (except mine is way better at picking up pet hair – ha!).

    Well, recently (about six months ago), Shark released another model which looks exactly like the Dyson you have pictured here! Maybe someone who worked for Dyson set up in competition to them or something – not saying that’s the case, but that is one heck of a coincidence. They were offering an amazing deal that I just couldn’t say no to, so I bought it (buy one, get a free Shark steam cleaner – another thing I absolute love).

    Anyhoo, it looks just like the model you’re reviewing here and. much like the other uprights I have, it has suction like you wouldn’t believe, and oodles of attachments which is always fun. I think it cost around NZ$500 for this model, which is way cheaper than Dyson retails for over here. And, it comes with a warranty for life – they promise that it will never lose suction and if it does, they’ll replace it – amazing!

    Sorry to sort-of hijack your post – I’m basically endorsing whatever they put in these machines as they both seem to be pretty much the same thing – and they’re money well spent.

    We have a LOT of mixed flooring in our home … polished concrete floors, tiles, wool carpet – and the machine is perfect on all of them.

    • Katrina (author)

      Oh thank you! I’ve seen the Shark’s too – I love having such a handy little vacuum to grab after my boys eat a loaf of bread around the house! LOL.

    • Sue

      What is the model and where in nz did you buy it? Thanks. 🙂

  • Melissa

    I have a Dyson Junior (once we got him, Dyson Senior – our big vac felt quite neglected) and it seriously saves my sanity. I tell everyone it changed my life and it has. There’s three boys in my house and it makes short shift or crumbs, grass, leaves, dirt and the blue fluff that seems to be part of life with boys! Where does it come from? They’re not even wearing anything blue half the time.

  • Leah

    I have the Dyson animal DC44. The light weight and ease of use is great, as is the convenient wall hanging re-charging dock.
    I’ve got two dogs, one with short hair and one with long hair that both shed ALOT. Dyson needs to improve this vacuum with regard to the size of the intake openings. I sometimes spend more time digging stuck hair clumps out of the head roller and ball joint with scissors and chopsticks than I do sucking it up off the floor.

  • Sharlene

    Does it pick up dog hair?

    • Katrina (author)

      Sure does!

  • Tanya

    After a disappointing experience with Electrolux years ago I took your glowing assessment and David Jones 20% off as signs. Very pleased I did. It is fabulous!

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