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Review: Arlo Home Security System

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to review the Arlo Home Security System. I’d seen these little cameras online before and was itching to test them out. The hook was that there are no cords at all when setting them up. That really made me happy! Arlo cameras are 100% wire-free, so they can be placed in hard-to-reach places, indoor or outdoor.
I found them so easy to set up. The large box plugs directly in to your wifi modem, then I downloaded Arlo’s free app, synced the cameras together and placed them around the house. The cameras can be put wherever you need them without needing to find a power outlet – even outside as they are waterproof. They are battery powered which lasts up to 6 months..

I could instantly see the live streaming from my phone. There I am below walking around! When the motion is detected an alert was sent straight to me via a text and an email and records to a free private cloud storage to review anytime. So if you miss the text alert or email, there is always a recording.

You can add extra cameras to your system whenever you like with the touch of a button.

Top points:

Watch anywhere
With FREE iOS & Android apps

100% Wire-Free
Cameras are 100% wire-free meaning no ugly cords or wiring hassles

Night Vision
See what’s happening even in the dark

Motion Alerts
Receive push notifications and emails if anything moves

Put Arlo anywhere —indoors or out



I’ve been moving them around in my house to see how they look. I’m pretty impressed! So the cameras don’t need to be recording 100% of the time, they only record when they detect movement. That’s what I love actually – then I don’t have a heap of unnecessary footage to look at. I can turn them on and off via the app too.

Jump over to Arlo’s website and take a look at some of its other uses – like baby monitoring, pet monitoring, check what a home handyman is up to, make sure the kids have done their homework after school if you’re not home yet, see who is at the door, or keep an eye on an elderly loved one…

This is such a simple home security system. We can now go on holidays feeling more at ease.

Have you got a system already? Or is this something you might consider?

♥ KC.

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