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Reorganising the pantry with some paint and tiles

It started with a fridge clean-up that went on and on! Over the weekend we decided to give the pantry a good clean up.

It’s a very big room, I am lucky, but it does get filled with a lot of junk and I have 3 teen boys so we eat real food, a lot of it and the food is in and out before you know it. It’s never going to be magazine worthy that’s for sure!

My pantry is tucked in behind the kitchen. The fridge is in there too.

When we built this house 7 years ago we could only afford the basics in this room. It was only recently we added a few extra shelves down the bottom. If I had some more $$ I would put cupboard doors on that bottom section. Maybe one day I will get that sorted, but for now, it’ll have to do with some baskets.

It also had no splashback. For 7 years it was just gyprock and it was looking feral! So we decided to fresh it up.

Oh, and the deep freezer…. it’s pretty old and ugly and maybe I could have bought a new one and finished the bench off properly in here, but it works fine! I think having the deep freezer in here is excellent. But it was yellowing and grubby, so it got a little face-lift too.

This was the BEFORE below >>

Sooo, not all things go to plan. I had some leftover VJ board from another job and thought we’d use this for a splashback. I also painted it BLACK. And I hated it. Instantly. It felt cheap and like a shack. We wasted a whole day and some extra $$, but it wasn’t right and I couldn’t deal with it. It all had to come off and we started again.

The freezer >> Like I mentioned above, a new one would be nice, but no one sees it, and it works fine! It’s a bit dinted and was yellowing, so we decided to spray it, just to freshen it up and hopefully it would blend in more.

We gave it 2 coats of the below spray paint. I scrubbed the freezer first and cleaned it with some alcohol.

It actually worked really well! I would say though, this won’t last forever, so if you are thinking of doing a main fridge or something, it will probably scratch down the track. But for an instant lift, this is the bomb!

Ok, so back to the splashback. We decided tiling was the best. SHOULDA done that first! I have the subway tiles in my main kitchen area, so it made sense. Lucky I’ve got a couple of handy guys around here.


I’m so happy with the refresh. The tiles have revived the space. The freezer looks bright and clean.

I sorted out all the food and everything is now in containers or storage.

Another job done. TICK!

♥ KC.

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