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Reno tips & How to Airbnb

I’ve been doing a lot of planning and writing behind the scenes lately, even when I’ve been trying to get through endless renos myself. Argh.

Over the last 18 months I’ve done 2 houses.

That’s 2 kitchens, 2 laundries, 3 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, 4 living areas, a bar, endless exteriors including bricks, roofs and fences….

I think I’ve learnt a LOT! SO much DIY.

And throughout all that, I turned one in to an Airbnb.

Want to know how I earnt $30,000 plus gained SUPERHOST status this year?

I have an eBook and I’ll teach you what I know.

I’ve also got reno eBooks here.

Gather the knowledge learn some new tricks and you’ll be producing side income before you know it.

Happy days. xx

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