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Questions you need to ask yourself before painting your walls

Painting is an easy task to complete yourself. You don’t need any particular skills. Just a good eye, some concentration and patience. 

Paint can change everything! And if you have some time up your sleeve, then go for it. You won’t believe how fresh everything will look.

Before you get started though, it’s a good idea to think it through. Especially when it comes to choosing colours.

Am I rushing in to this?

Slow down. Take your time selecting colours. Sit in your space and really think about how you want the room to feel. Then look for colours that support the mood you are trying to create. In slowing down, you also allow yourself time to test colours.

How do you want the room to feel?

Do you want the room to be serene, or would you like it to have more personality? You might want your bedroom to be moody with dark tones and focus lighting. You might want your office to be bright and sleek.

What do I use the space for?

How often are you in the space? What is its intended use? If you have a very busy family and you’re painting a play room you may opt for slightly darker colours so marked walls won’t be as noticeable. 

Do I get sick of things easily?

While certain tones and colours are trendy at the moment, are you likely to get sick of them? Is it a space/room you would be prepared to repaint when the trend passes or you get tired of it? If you do like colour, then maybe use that more in your decorating. 

How big is the space?

What does the room flow on to? Can it handle a dark colour, or will it be too overpowering? If you want the room to feel large and bright, then of course you’ll need to look at white paint. If the intention of the room is to create a cosy place, then moody colours will work better. 

Samples are better than chips.

A paint chip (or swatch from the paint shop) may not always represent the right colour (for your home). A sample pot is always better. 

Have I painted a sample?

Test a sample of your paint on the walls before deciding on your choice. Paint samples on a few different walls in your home to see how the light bounces off each in the room. See how the samples work throughout the course of the day. Undertones from the flooring as well as lighting, shadows and furnishings can affect the colour, so test accordingly to get your decision right throughout your house.

What other colours am I using?

Do you have a certain furniture style already? A scandi, traditional, or art deco style? Decorating styles may lend themselves to certain paint colours. Traditional features can handle warmer colours, whereas a scandi theme will suit cooler colours better. 

What if I hate it?

Do you have the time and budget to repaint it? Choose carefully, but after all, just ember IT’S ONLY PAINT! 🙂

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  • Akkaara Aus

    Absolutely true!!! Asking these questions to ourselves and giving a second thought while choosing colors really helps alottttt…

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