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Paint a black wall in the bedroom!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I went looking for black and white bedrooms, and found a lot of gorgeous rooms showcasing a black painted wall. It’s hard to have a room entirely black and white without it looking like a zebra, but with just a painted backdrop you can transform your room in to a stunning and dramatic showstopper.

Black has been a feature in interior design for years and years…. couches, desks, accessories. Paint is such an easy way to incorporate black in to your home. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t take long to change it back if you’re not happy with the results.

Although it’s dark, black can be the perfect backdrop in the bedroom and can really define the space you’re in. Teamed with the right accessories, your bedroom can ooze style and sophistication without looking too harsh.


  • If you have really high ceilings, paint only up to eye level and finish the top of the wall with a grey.
  • Pick natural accessories or a timber bedhead to bring in that earthy feel. It will soften the harshness of plain black and white.
  • Little bits of greenery will always work with a black wall. An indoor plant or garden clippings will be pleasing to the eye.
  • You won’t need artwork with a black wall. Let it be the feature.
  • Light coloured linen will work best. Add texture to it though, like a throw or simple pattern in the cushions.
  • A black wall does tend to work better in a well lit room. If it’s already a dark room then it may not have the same dramatic feel. It’ll just be darker and difficult to style.
  • Think about the opposite walls around the room. While white is ok and safe, why not really add to the feel of the room and paint those a nice light grey? The black will then look like it’s meant to be there!
  • Use black in your nursery? I know! I looked around on Pinterest and there are heaps of gorgeous baby rooms with black walls. They are stunning.

Check out some inspiration below…












What did you think of some of these rooms? Do you have a black wall in your home?



  • Lisa Crick

    I did a near black wall in my room at Easter…. Love it!!

  • Chrissy

    OMG…I’m totally inspired…I think it’s time for my room to get a Makeover 🙂 The love the idea of using black throughout my whole house…I’m actually just about paint my doors (bedroom, bathroom and toilet) a very dark charcoal…almost black. I looooove it!!!

    • Katrina (author)

      Sounds amazing to me!!

  • Tina

    We have navy blue walls in our bedroom which are just so luxurious. Everything else in the room is dark brown, including the carpet; soft furnishings are white.

  • Shannon Russell

    Not sure I could do black, but would love to do a grey wall in my bedroom, do you have a “go to” grey that always looks good?

  • Juile Williams

    Sounds pretty to me, i love black. It’s unique and different from others. All images are awesome.

  • Ashley

    This is great! I love how just one wall can add something to the room without shrinking it! This would be great for a boys room also!

  • Graysonau

    Great posting room is amazing. Thanks for sharing

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