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Owning less


I am an organiser. I like things to be neat and ordered and I am not a hoarder. Husband calls me ruthless 😉

I have this thing about one thing in and one thing out. I realise that after a while I need to sort through and dispose of things in my home. Especially after Christmas because so many new things have been brought in to the house. I try not to keep adding… I got this from my Mum! She’s the best at organising. I love to stay with her in her house – it’s just perfect and neat and clean. We moved lots when we were kids because Dad was in the bank, so she never carted unnecessary things around with her.

But, with this new house and still so much to do I feel like I am never going to finish it. I still have decorating to do, a garden to finish and my home office is bare. I want to get to the point where most of it is done and I can stop adding. I need to feel like I am done and I can maintain an even level of stuff in my home. Have you built a new home or are renovating? You’ll know what I mean! 🙂

I saw the above quote in my Instagram feed the other day. It’s good hey?

I’m going to strive towards that. Owning less. Only buying what I truly need. I can only try! Can you do it? Maybe this could be a 2014 motto for you?


  • Karen Morley

    I feel the same way about clutter and getting rid of things you don’t use/need.

    Everything has it’s place in my house too and I think organiser is my middle name lol. I like to plan ahead and be organised as best as I can :).

    It’s def a nice feeling to be organised and on top of things 🙂 xxx

  • Rosie Rose

    100% agreed, still finishing our place but loving that I need less and less…. Still haven’t figured out how to get less kids toys when my child is sentimental about each and every one…

  • Megan Reading

    Me too, my aim over next 4 weeks is to do just that. With 4 boys it is very easy to accumulate lots of stuff.

  • Judy Hayward

    Love this quote too – just moved house before Christmas and can’t stand the chaos, I’ve been out buying so many shelves, storage boxes etc and am now resorting to a second spring clean

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