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Organising my home office for the New Year!

Brought to you by Brother.

Today I decided to get my home office sorted and organised for the year ahead. There’s nothing like the word “January” to get you motivated to start fresh. Do you have paperwork on every surface? Are you misplacing the bills? What about the USB sticks, or camera cords? I have a solution to get you sorted once and for all! I was recently sent this Brother PT-D400 and couldn’t wait to get started with some serious organising skills.

I had a good clean up in my office before Christmas so I wanted to start the year with less clutter around me. I popped in to Officeworks and grabbed these funky folders so I could put all my clients and their house plans/changes/invoices in them. All I needed to do was print out some labels, stick them on and I was done. I could then easily find who was who.

And that’s where this trusty Brother PT-D400 comes in. The professional desktop labeller has one touch keys to quickly access 14 fonts, over 600 symbols and 99 frames for the creation of professional-looking labels. There’s also a range of tapes, colours and sizes so you’re not restricted to just black and white. Essentially, the perfect labeller for the job at hand.

Then it was time to jazz the folders right up with some pops of colour and interesting fonts to add a personal touch. I used some pink and gold labels and changed the font sizes. They are also durable labels and so easy to use. It took me barely 10 minutes to print up the labels.

I also decided to print up a few labels for the clips, magnets, pens and the aqua filing cabinet. Ta-dah!

I’m feeling ready to tackle 2017 head on. Do yourself a favour and grab a Brother Labeller to make your life easier! Head into Officeworks for your PT-D400 today.

♥ KC.


  • Kimberly

    I am about to set up a ‘mini’ home office in my living area. Not ideal and hopefully not forever, but essential ahead of baby #4 arriving in the next month and changes within our business..I’ve been searching, planning and pinning for weeks ? Loving those tabbed files and already snapped a pic of the gorgeous aqua drawer file at Officeworks last week! Drooling over the Brother labeller, surely a business expense ?
    Send any other work at home office solutions our way, loving it x

  • Rakesh

    Thanks for this..

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