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Online editing for Real Estate photos

When I was looking through Facebook the other day I saw a link to a website which piqued my curiosity… it was a service where you can have your real estate photos enhanced. And after looking through the website I also discovered a huge (and CHEAP!) range of services…

It’s called BoxBrownie. It’s an online cloud editing service and it’s open 24/7 with designers on hand to help. It’s based in Mooloolaba QLD.

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are everything. At, we understand that high quality images will attract more buyers to the property. Our professional editing services can help you put together a unique presentation to showcase the home. It’s quick, simple and affordable.

From $1 you can have backgrounds removed from photos. You can also have items/furniture removed from the photo (say you have a rental property and it’s not as clean as you’d like) from $40.

But the best service was the floor plan drawings! Have a sketch turned in to a plan or make it 2D or 3D from $40! They can do site plans, add furniture to a room and heaps more.

Here are the before and afters I found on their website.

From day to dusk…


Take the furniture out…


Enhance the photo…

Standard floor plan edit…


3D full colour plan…


I was so curious. Have you seen this site? Have you used it?

♥ KC.

*not sponsored just love.


  • T

    No, I haven’t used it – nor am I in the real estate game – but wow, what a great site!

    I’ve always suspected agencies do use something like this though. I’ve been to lots of open homes where the ‘real life’ version of the property doesn’t match up to the photo … the pool picture above certainly brings back memories in that regard (the photo showed a gorgeous pool with lovely crazy paving; the reality was a dirty pool with cracked concrete!!!).

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • T

    PS: What a great little work-from-home venture something like this would be for someone creative. All you’d need to do is invest in some Photoshop and other graphics training (if you weren’t that savvy already); outlay for the software, a really decent PC and backup system; and then offer your services.

    This company obviously has staff, which means overheads; but if you were a one man band then you could offer far better deals.


    (But I imagine you’d have to be cautious about not misrepresenting something … some of those pictures are crossing the line a bit in my view … brightness and clean-up is one thing; but actually changing the structure or putting something in place where it doesn’t already exist is questionable). Where I live, agents were taken to court over misrepresentation of a property a few years back because they’d ‘painted’ in grass (using something very unsophisticated as it very obviously looked like ‘painted on’ grass). The court ruling found in favour of the complainants, and the agency was forced to include a banner over future images that said ‘Grass digitally sown’.

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  • Andrew Be

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