We’re going GoPro mad!

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People are becoming increasingly busy in their day-to-day lives and as a result, hobbies and other more fulfilling activities are often neglected. Officeworks asked me to think about something I’d like to achieve more of… to think about something I’d rather be doing and to kick my unproductive behaviour to make the most of my downtime.

In order to help me achieve a better standard of living through a healthy, balanced life, Officeworks have engaged Dr. Timothy Sharp, Chief Happiness Officer at the Happiness Institute, to provide an easy to follow three week plan to help me break bad habits and use my time in a more fulfilling way. Week one of the three week challenge is designed to help break the habit of unproductive behaviours and identify how we can have a balanced life, doing what we enjoy most.

I sat and thought about this for days! I mean, what is it I really wanted to do in my downtime? I love technology and so do my kids, so I decided we could all do something together. A few weeks ago my son bought a GoPro HERO4 Session. This nifty little camera has awed me in its capabilities and even though he technically owns it, that doesn’t mean we all can’t share it! I love piecing videos together and so does he, so I thought that we could spend the next couple of weeks filming bits of our lives and activities and put them all together in a video.

But to do that properly, the GoPro has so many accessories to help you gain the most of the little camera. People often don’t think of Officeworks as a destination that helps you fulfill your hobbies, however, Officeworks is the one stop shop for lots of pastime activities as it stocks a range action photography bits and pieces. We’d looked online and discovered that Officeworks could provide us with awesome accessories to make our GoPro work better. I love taking photos for Instagram, but I am seeing a big switch to video too. I look at the feed in my kids’ Instagram accounts and the young ones love the video! This was something I really wanted to get in to.


My boys and I headed to Officeworks to pick up some new little gadgets.

We chose:
GoPro POV Extension Pole – so we could extend it like a selfie stick
GoPro Adhesive Mount Set – we’ve put mounts everywhere (the boat, on the bike, on a helmet)
GoPro Floaty – water fun!
SanDisk 32GB Ultra MicroSDHC Memory Card – to hold lots of videos until we are ready to edit and piece the footage together.

I am looking forward to this challenge – to see how I go with it. The kids are camping this weekend and they will bring back some videos (my job will be editing it with them), but I am also looking forward to taking the GoPro out on my own. I think this is a great little task that my whole family can get involved it. The kids are so creative, and I am itching to use the GoPro Editing Suite to see what we come up with.

Wish me luck! Is there something fun you’ve been meaning to do? Or just don’t get enough time to get to? Officeworks is the one stop shop for lots of pastime activities as it stocks a range of arts and crafts products, wearable tech and other fitness supplies, music gear, design, writing and photography and writing interests. So if you want to join in on this challenge, check out my Instagram page as I try to get back to doing the things that I love! I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to share the end result and let you know how I went with the GoPro.

Check out Officeworks’ Work Wise hub for inspiration and tips on improving your productivity and work wellbeing.

Watch this video to see Dr Timothy Sharp explain the benefits of pursuing a hobby:


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  • Leone

    We love using our GoPro especially on holidays but have great difficulty editing and joining clips together. Can you do a quick post on how to edit?

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