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New Trend In Dining: Round Tables

I am seeing a lot of round tables in dining rooms lately and I love it. Do you think this is the new trend? I think so.

A while back I wrote about dining chairs. A feature pendant light would work perfectly over a round dining table. Do you have a round table already?

I went looking for some ideas and there were so many. Not only can you just buy a round table, there were lots of tips on making your own, painting an old one or sanding one up. The styles are endless with timber, concrete, metal legs, painted tops…

Take a look at these below…








I went searching for the best round tables you can buy online. They are about the same price as a rectangle one.

Check out these 7 styles below. What do you think? Happy shopping! ♥ KC.

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  • Melanie Chapman

    Thanks so much for this, we are planning on upgrading our dining table soon to accomodate our 3 boys and are wanting a round one as it will fit well in our space.

  • Rebecca Braid

    We have a round table and rectangle. We use the rectangle mostly because its closest to the kitchen, but our round table has such a better social vibe!!

  • Kirby Cotterill Schofield

    Yay might make it easier to find one if it’s becoming a trend…. a round one would fit so much better in our house

  • Elina

    Loving this trend too! The centralized pendent lighting works so well. I especially love the basket like weaved shade with the chunky timber table. Circulate table decorations also work so well.

  • Chris

    Would like a round table but a good size round wouldn’t fit in the space we have I think

  • Melinda

    We used to have a round table but the legs were a problem seating more than four, I love the social vibe of a round table but would defiantly get a pedastal next time.

  • Julie

    I’ve had a square 8-seater table forever, and have been looking to replace it with a round one for about 6 years but there wasn’t anything nice available – I am loving that this season they are finally becoming widely available again and now I can’t make up my mind which to buy lol!

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