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New homewares range in Target

Sponsored by Target.

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to check out some of the new homewares in Target. Ummm yeah! So, I was lucky enough to go shopping! And as if I’d say no to shopping?? Ha!

I’d planned my trip (I went to Civic in Canberra) so I knew what I wanted by previewing the online catalogue.

I had an 11 year old kid to help me (I bribed him!) so we loaded up the trolley… I couldn’t wait to get it home. My new house is a work in progress, so I am enjoying all the styling and tweaking…

So what did I buy? Target has 2 new awesome homeware lines. One is styled around the change of season, being Autumn (orange, green, natural, timber), and the other is French Provincial (white, pretty, wrought iron). I couldn’t decide which style I liked the best, so I grabbed a few bits from both.

Target Owl Plates, Target Baskets, Target Vases

As you can see, Owl’s feature heavily and I loved them so I grabbed as many as I could! I am even using the little owl plates in the bathroom and bedroom. Can you spot a little kid snuggling in to a throw blanket? He grabbed that one straight away. The colours are gorgeous – pinks, yellows, greens and blues.

Target Nest Tables, Target Dinner Sets, Target Owl Plates

I bought the nested tables for our front lounge room that will be finished one day. Here is just a sneak peek! If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I am buying a new lounge, so the stripes will go. So, I thought ahead and purchased some new cushions and another throw rug for that room from Target. I’ve tucked them away for now (I’ll pop them up on my Top Shopping Picks in the next week or so). I love bringing out little things I purchased ages ago when I’ve forgotten about them!

All of this (plus some other goodies I already put on Instagram) didn’t cost me a great deal at all. I found them to be really reasonable – cheap actually! So, if you’re looking to jazz up your home, buy a new dinner set or buy a present for a small amount of money I recommend popping to Target (I’m not just saying that either – it’s the truth!).

Happy Shopping! X



  • Chris R

    I have bought quite a few pieces as well, missed out on the owl vase and sadly our store does not carry the full range, so no furniture available for me. I love the tables, really wish they were available here. It is a gorgeous and affordable range, hah my son cringes when I head towards Target these days 🙂

  • brismod

    Hey lucky you Katrina! The Target stuff is not bad especially when it is so well priced. I’m loving some of the ‘designer’ things there at the moment. I wet myself when I saw a Karim Rashid loft garbino bin and promptly bought it. Sad state of affairs when rubbish bins do that to you. LOL! xx

  • Neen

    Luuuurve the fleur de-lys mug…..but adore, yes adore the side tables…..hope Target has a set for my birthday next week !!!Thanks for the idea 😉 Neen

    • Neen

      Hello side tables …..oh yeah baby I have found a set. Yay hip hip hooray to me !! One very happy little vegemite 🙂 (which is ironic as I am alllergic to yeast). Bahahaha…. thankyou Katrina, a thousand times, for your amazing blog and shopping flair !!:):):) Luuuuurve it. Neen.

  • Priya

    Love the side tables and those owl plates are so cute … your selections!!!

  • LisaW

    Loving those nested tables! They didn’t have them at my local store. Might have to head to a bigger location.

  • Penny barns

    I have brought loads of homewares from Target!
    I am loving the prices……lets hope they keep them down and not drag us all in there with lower prices than put them up…..

  • Lea

    Hey Katrina,

    So glad you decided to nix the couch – I felt awful when I said to lose it, and then read later in the comments how much you loved it :/

    I am definitely going to get some of that tableware when I move back ( NEXT.WEEK! eek! ) .. and those nesting tables .. did you see my blog when I picked the stools I desired? They are SO MATCHY! I will have to check them out too .. always loved my Target 😉 x

  • fiona

    Visited my Target this morning and to my delight they had 30% off all homewares (this is not a sponsored comment!). Style stalked you with the tables. Put them on lay-by don’t need for a couple of months.

  • Jodie

    I purchased the nested tables too! For anyone that doesn’t have them available in their local store – I ordered mine online and had them delievered to my usual Target store – at no extra cost! Was such great service!

    I think I need some of those baskets though – will have to check them out.

  • Amanda

    Adorable stuff for decorating home beautifully. I wish to add this homeware into my home. Thanks for sharing.

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